7 Things You Must Do In 7 Days To Jamb

Want to write your last jamb exam? Here are seven things you must do in 7 days before the real day...

Turn the T.V off. The last 7 days are the days you need to focus, days you can automatically change your jamb score from 150 to 250. So althrough the last seven days to jamb, T.V. and Social Media like facebook and 2go must be kept aside.

7 days to jamb: exactly a week before your exams.

Out of the 4 subjects you're going to attempt in jamb, select your best two. This might include english. The last 7 days to your exams should be fun and interesting. So forget about your challenges and choose just two out of the 4.

This time you should be gathering the points and topics you want to brush. You don't have to go deep. And you don't have to read for more than 6 hours the whole day. You don't have to read in the night either.

6 days to jamb:

Out of the two best subjects, select the second best and start working on it.

Read for an hour or two and take a break. The break should be for 30 mins to an hour. Make sure you eat well and drink lots of pure water.

5 days to jamb:

Continue what you've started the previous day and focus on just the points. You're not to stick to a topic for long so that you can be able to finish as much topics as possible before your jamb exams. Remember, after each topic you take a break for 10 to 30 mins, and make sure you're comfortable. It's a revision period, so you're free to read your text books like a daily newspaper.

4 days to jamb:

This time around you drift to your best subject--the subject you're expected to get up to 70/100 in your jamb score (although I know you can score upto 90...if you believe it).

Read it like a newspaper but focus on places you have difficulties, with jamb in mind.

Calm down and choose your topics wisely. In the last seven days to your exams, you might not be able to finish up 1 out of 4 of your text book. But you sure can finish up the important topics. Choose popular topics and focus on them.

3 days to jamb:

Your best subject should still be on the lane. But never forget to strive to know whatever you know very well. Never allow yourself to be weakened by others this time. You just have less than a 100 hours to decide whether you want to get admission this year or not.

Here's a tip:

While reading for your jamb exams, if Geography is your best subject (which you should be reading 3 to 4 days to the examination), the topics; landform, rock formation, map reading and earth crust, should be your focus. Likewise if it's physics, you can never omit motion and electricity from your reading topics, just for the two days.

This also works with the other subjects--whatever you think you're good at, help yourself to become best at. You just need to read.

2 days to jamb:

This should be a recovery period. You cover what you think you've missed. And if you have anything missing physically, financially or mentally, two days to jamb is when to fix it.

In my own case, I used the last thursday before my last jamb to revise my beloved Geography.

A day before jamb:

This should be the day of relaxation and revision. Every revision should be done before six pm. After then you need to relax, eat lots of good food and drink lots of water. You should go to bed around 8 to 9 pm.

Don't take any drug, even if it's paracetamol. Relax your mind like you don't have any exams. Let the pressure fade. The more relaxed you are the day before jamb, the best you make it during the exams.