I want to talk about emotional conflict

Emotional conflict may happen to anyone. It might be anything, anytime. It might be in a from of anger, forgetfulness, obsessive passion over irrelevant issues or nervous breakdown.

Many people find it very difficult to handle emotional conflict instead they just sit and wait for nature to take over their fate. There's a healing process to any heartbreak, and the more you take the right step the more you become a happy person.

Failure to tackle emotional conflict is like walking around a cycle. You can't move around a cycle and expect to get a away from it, unless you enter the cycle and pass through it.

Emotion is one of the critical features of humanism that leads the direction of living. It affects both the physical and invisible. It affects our performance in our careers negatively or positively. It affects our relationship with others i.e how we treat others after they did good to us (positive history), how we treat those that have hurt us back (negative history) and the way we live with those that never made any impart to our living.