What should you do when your friends and family don’t support you?

You just discovered a path,

You want to start a new business, a new career that you think can bring you happiness.

You're so happy and uncontrollably overwhelmed, even before you start anything about it.

You marched up to your mum and say "ma I've got a new plan...these....that....here.....there.....and I think this is the best for me"

She looks at you blankly,

She wants to smile, but she's still blank in the face.

Then her lips start moving "I paid for this and that, and now you want to bring your pipe dreams into reality?"

"All the money we've spent on you, and now you're talking about what???"

"but mum I can do these, just just trust me"

"Trust you? Your childish dream?? Or your senseless decision"


........the arguement goes off and on again.

Ever found yourself in a similar situation?? Here's what you suppose to be doing...

You're in the right direction "just trust me", but here's something more to that....

1. Show that you're able.

People underestimate you because they know your history. Your past weaknesses, your childishness and your lack of initiative.

That's what they know! Show them what they've never tasted about you. That talent, in it's refined form.

Unless your families don't desire to see you flying, they suppose to appreciate every effort you've made in becoming a better person, encouraging you to keep on moving.

If they don't believe you, keep calm and never talk to them about it again.

If you need motivation, I promise to be here for you. If you need guide about your decision, I know I can offer some help. You just have to do me one favour.

It's not so big but I need it as much as anything.

Sorry if I'm so selfish and self-centered but I really need you to do this to me.

Just this one thing and we shall help ourselves flying higher.

Please don't ignore me...

Please just this one favour

Here's it:

Please, help me believe in yourself. If you can do just that, nobody's disbelief shall be needed to either refine your faith, goals or courage.

Once you help me believe in yourself, then you add some spice of skill-development and positive thoughts. And you'll never need the approval of no one before you take a step.

They don't have to bless you or what you're doing, God has already did that.

There approval won't lead you to success. After all, you're the one who's going to live the life.

But if you need the approval to be supported financially, here's the simple thing to do...

Do your best in your little best ways, and the approval and support shall arrive.