Time Management Tips: The Secret of a 31-Hour Day (Sort of)

A normal day of mine has about 29 to 31 hours in it. Ask me why!

Long ago, I've learnt the 31-hour day secrets that made me improve my time usage and now I'm living a FULL life, making use of every second for my emotional, mental and physical benefit.

How does it work? Here comes the 31-hour day secret:

It's simple, making your commuting time a useful time.

Whenever you have to wait for something or someone,

Whenever you need to walk or take a drive to some place,

Whenever you have to spend time in the kitchen,

And whenever you have to clean or shop,

Use that time for something important.

Multi-tasking is good for your brain.

For example, while walking or driving, listen to audio books to improve your learning skills.

Whenever you want to buy a book, check if there's an audio version.

Audio books keep you company and converts that commuting time to useful time.

Apart from listening to audio books, you can always use your commuting time to take over the world--a time for creative planning and note taking.

Another common thing to do while commuting is keeping up with the world.

Nothing makes you smart in decisions than being upto date with what's happening around the world.

Listen to news while doing your cores.

Double your time usage, to create a constant 31-hour day routine.