How to start birth control pills for the first time

There are many types of birth control that needs professional in the sense that knowing your family plans and health statues is being considered. On this post we're going to discuss how to start birth control with the aid of different methods of pregnancy avoidance.

1. Knowing Your Health Statues and Plans.
Before you get into birth control by pills or other methods, you have to consider a strict plan against any obvious regrets due to health stats and family needs. This plans should be first carried out within the two partners and later on contacting your doctor on how to start birth control. Consider discussing every issue, including intercourse satisfaction, child number, spacing, age and some other important family planning opinions. Do not hid any foreign issue in order to get a better suggestion of the most suitable birth control.

2. Directions on Taking Pill Rightly.
There are many brands of birth control pills in the market and drugstores nowadays that work fine to avoid eggs from fertilizing, therefore avoiding pregnancy. But the drawbacks on this pills are; birth control pills has to be taken once every 24 hours and many pills have side effects depending on your blood group and body system, sometimes you smell bad because of the capsule influence, and more importantly, commercial birth control pills may fail you in some instances.

So while trying to start birth control using pills you should make sure you have some chat with a doctor, nurse or any professional health personal to give you guide. Do not use friend's or neighbour's pill, for your blood system should correspond to the pill before it would work.

After you've being directed of the most suitable birth control, the next vital part of it is the dosage requirement. In the sense that some ladies prefer taking this pill 5 days after the first period, it is also important to know that it can be taken all the time. Birth control pill should be taking at the same time of each day. For example, you can choose to take the pill every morning after your first brush or in the night before you go to bed. You should stick to anyone you choose, according to your own personal comfort.

3. Using the Birth Control Shot.
This method of birth was considered to be the most convenient especially for those women allergic to pills. It involves going to the doctor for once every three month to recharge yourself with the birth control. Finding this very easy, some women tend to extend to 5 months or so, which increases the chances of becoming pregnant at the wrong time. In order to start birth control using shot method you have to adhere with the exact three month or less in order to avoid the panic of getting pregnant.

4. Using the Implantation Rod.
Implantation rod is a very long term form of birth control that lasts for 3 years, usually more expensive than any. Your doctor will simply insert a very small rod into your arm by tumbing up a little. This reserves as the internal form harmonal birth control for long time period. It takes only some few minute to get it done and once you realize that this method of birth control does not fit your health you can remove it at any time.

5. Using Patch on Skin.
A patch is placed on skin for a period of one week. Patch is used preferably by women instead of taking pills everyday, but the rule always remains the same. You should remove patch to place another one on the same day for at least 3 consecutive weeks, after that you might need to shuffle or even jump to another birth control according to your satisfaction.

6. Inserting Vaginal Birth Control Rings.
You can do this yourself. Insert the birth control ring on the fifth day after the start of your period. This ring can stay right inside the vagina for at least 3 weeks and you can change it immediately. The ring should stay during intercourse, for there's no harm and its more safer to be in. Some women are not so comfortable with ring inside them, so you can remove it anytime you think its irritating.

7. Twelve Years Intrauterine Device Birth Control.
This method is presently the most longest birth control, but also involves inserting just like the ring method and by a doctor. But the most important fact to consider is having a good rest the day the device would be inserted. In some cases it can cause discomfort and pains in women's body, so with this, doctors always prescribe some pain relief medication to balance the whole thing.

All the Above Listed Birth Control Methods are very modern, in the sense that there would be no incurable concussion at any instant on how to start birth control. Stick to one and live with it once you think its comfortable to your health.