How to get rid of bruises and swelling fast home remedies

Bruises as quite irritating almost makes us feel uncomfortable in whatever we're doing for the day. In this case here's how to get rid of bruises fast using many different methods of self medication.

Things to Consider.
It is very obvious and most clear that getting rid of bruises depends on your skin texture, immune system, and the nature of your blood, as a whole. If you're the type that experience bruises at the slightest pressure, then you have to maintain a proper leap to insure the cure of those bruises, and how to get rid of bruises fast depends stictly on those factors. Sometimes you might need to remove the dark colouration using techniques that's going to be mentioned, or leave your bruises to heal while clotted.

1. Using Tea Bags.
Get two cleaned tea bags and soak them in a warm water. Remove them immediately and drain the excessive water then place it right on the bruises for more than 10 minutes. Repeat the same thing every early morning and late at night before you go to bed. Sometimes this method seem to cause more hurt if the water is more warmer. So you can just leave the tea bag for at least 30 seconds before draining the water and placing it on the bruises.

2. Using Riped Fresh Pineapple.
Consider the fruit to be so ripe in order to insure the functionality of this method of how to get rid of bruises. Just slice some parts of the fruit, the size of the bruise, if possible. And place it on the bruise for 20 to 30 minutes. You must insure that the watery parts of the pineappele is touching the bruise. With pineapple, it takes two days to get rid of bruises, you should do the processes for 2 times a day giving an interval of 8 hours during the day.

3. Using Ice or Warm Compress.
Immediately after every bruise or generally any emergency wound, pour excessive ice water on the bruise in a cleaning or rinsing motion for about 2 minutes. This gives a kick up to your skin's immune system to heal that bruises in the minimum time. Using cold compress for your present bruises would also help alot. Cold compress can be simply made by wraping ice inside a clean washcloth or inside a normal water proof politine leather. Place the compress on the bruises for 5 minutes and repeat it in the afternoon, then evening or before going to bed. Cold compress is very important, so it should be practised at least 3 times a day.

4. Using Hair Brush on Superficial Bruises.
As a method to get rid of bruises, you can scrub or rub hair brushes on bruises to speed of blood reabsorption into the tissues. Although this method could mainly be suitable to get rid of hickey, it also works to get rid of small bruises.

5. Vinegar Mixed With Warm Water.
Mix Vinegar with warm water and rinse the bruise area. Leave it to dry in less moistured area. Consider doing this in cold places, as in to reduce obvious pains and irritations due to the atmospheric warmth.

6. Apply Parsley Leaves.
Parsley in particular was recently recommended by experts to reduce skin inflammation and therefore has a strong positive influence in healing bruises. The steps to take to get rid of bruises fast with parsley; get dried parsley leaves and crush them to powder. Spread it all over the bruised area. Remember this can be only more effective if your bruises are still flesh, that is unclotted. If not you might use hair brush to scrub it a bit, wash it up with warm water and spread the parsley powder immediately.

7. Using Melted Chocolate.
Melt chocolate on a suitable container, most favourably on a microwave stove. Spread excessive chocolate on the bruises and cover it with whatever, be it bandage, clean nylon clothing, or any light gauze. Leave it for the night and wash thoroughly with warm water in the morning.

8. Vitamin C and Iron natural Healing.
Some people hardly encounter much bruises just because of the availability of iron within their body. So try to take much iron foods to help your immune system and build of a resistance for physical skin pressure. Furthermore, vitamin C is a good natural healer of bruises. So in order to get rid of bruises quickly, you should eat excessive fruits such as oranges, banana and pineapple.

Do not massage bruises or apply pressure to remove the dark stains on your skin. Always wait for time in order to be legitimately healed. On how to get rid of bruises fast, all this tips should be considered to speed up the healing and never to get rid of it overnight. So stay aware before you force your skin.