How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes Fast Home Remedies

Due to so many cases of bloodshot, people tend to be skeptical on using the normal eye drop to clear out the redness and so we need to get an instant alternative. Here's how to get rid of red eyes without the need to see a doctor.

1. Using Cold Compress.
You can get rid of red eyes by running some cold water on a clean washcloth and rub it slowly over the eye. In some cases you might also need to pour the cold water directly within the area and allow some to get in. Make a cold compress using ice wrapped inside the washcloth and hold it right on the eye for about 5 minutes. This is the most reliable and easy way how to get rid of red eyes quickly at home.

2. Using Visine as your first medication for bloodshot.
Dealing with bloodshot means dealing entirely with red eyes and Visine is the best way to get rid of the redness and the pains at the same time. Just keep your eye free from dirt and dusts around, so it is important to stay indoor while treating your eye using Visine eye drop.

3. Use Saline Solution.
This is a solution that medics recommend for a simple home remedy cure bloodshot. Just rinse both eyes with the saline solutions and immediately apply the normal lubricating eye drop. Consider using eye drops with less or no decongestants, such as Visine as mentioned above. Do this for 2 days. Do not exceed 3 days, and you can always run to a doctor, for it might be worser than just bloodshot.

4. Tea Bath for Red Eyes.
Make a tea every morning as usual and leave it to warm a bit. Dip a piece of clean cotton wool or clothe inside the tea and mount it over the eye ( eye closed). Keep it for 5 minutes and repeat the same thing but 10 in the evening and before you go to bed. Do not place hot cotton on your eye as the eye is very delicate in nature. All you have to do to get rid of eye redness is let the water become warm, not cool and place it as instructed.

5. Getting rid of red eye the Natural Way.
Sometimes red eyes can show up due to lack of sleep, or facing computer screen without the room lights on. Combination of the two can also cause the redness. All you have to do is to adjust. Is either you get more sleep for the health of your eye or know how to turn on the lights in order to reduce the power of the light coming from the computer screen or TV in order to get rid of red eyes. Just choose one or do both.

6. Massage the Eye.
You can massage the eye yourself or have a professional fellow to do it for you. Once the eye is massaged for 10 to 20 minutes, morning, afternoon, evening the redness would go away faster.

7. Triphala water Washing.
Wash the eyes with triphala water after every birth in the morning and evening before you go to bed. While taking this, do not allow dust into the entire eye balls to help the bloodshot get away more faster.

8. Using Artificial Tears.
Some people find artificial tears more reputable to get rid of bloodshot in the eye. If the above option doesn't seem simpler you may want to purchase artificial tears from walgreens or any drugstore.

9. Avoid Wearing Contacts While Treating Bloodshot.
If you were wearing contacts you might want to take break until the bloodshot is gone. Some bloodshot is caused by bacteria, dryness due to lack of oxygen in the contact and chemical reactions of contact cleaners. So to sort everything out do not wear contacts until you get rid of red eyes.

Sometimes bloodshot does not need any application or ideal treatment as long as it does not sore. So on how to get rid of red eye you should always concentrate in keeping the eyes away from dusts, strong wind and always allow tear to wash the smaller invisible dust.