What To Do When You Have a Fever and Sore Throat

fever and sore throat

Fever and sore throat altogether are signs of strep throat.

In less severe cases, headache and sore throat show the early stage of meningitis.

With all this you might need some first aid in which you can meet a doctor if all failed.

The first treatment for sore throat and fever is hot tea but lemon and honey can be added on the liquid to cure fever.

Use a foreign object to massage the back of your throat while relaxing.

Make sure your body is well hydrated and if not, drink lots of beverages and pure water in order to have an improved blood circulation which hastens the healing of sore throat and sweating, which lowers the fever.

Mix steeped lemon and fresh ginger in hot water. Leave it for 10 minutes, seive and drink hot.

Then, add eucalyptus oil to your bathing water before taking a nap.

Drink plain honey. Wait for an hour, then make a green tea.

In the evening, drink plenty of cold fluids to relieve the fever.

Gargle with warm salt water and eat lots of vegetables.

Adding iodized salt helps the sore throat to heal faster.

Do repeat the process 3 times before going to bed.

Take fresh fruits juice around over to keep the throat moistened to avoid irritation.

Also avoid alcohol and any other caffeinated drink, they are only good for dehydration.

Avoid talking, as much as possible when you have fever and sore throat.

If it becomes most, rest your voice to keep the throat muscles relaxed.

Avoid starving yourself when you have a fever and sore throat. Eat well but keep your mouth clean after every meal.

First you need to relieve the fever by drinking fresh cold water the whole day.

Enough liquid can cure both fever and sore throat, but you might need ibufropen if the fever stays and doesn't improve.

After relieving the fever, make a steam tent and breath the heat deeply for 10 minutes.

Here's how to make a steam tent to get rid of sore throat...

Sit on a chair with a container filled with boiled water at your feet. Cover your head down the container with a towel or other clothings.

Breath the vapours deeply with your eyes closed for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can repeat this as many times as possible throughout the day.

To hasten the healing process, some people believe in adding eucalyptus leaves inside the hot water, but the most important medicine is the warm vapour action.

If the sore throat becomes severe, take a mixture of chloral hydrate.

For fever, you might take aspirin together with codeine.

With all this suggestions, hot water, vapour breathing and hot tea are your best friends in treating a fever and sore throat.

Fever can be best controlled by some tablets especially when the above suggestion fails. If you didn't notice any improvement make, rush to the hospital for better examination and treatment.