How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath Fast - Natural Bad Breath Remedies

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Garlic is one of the most important natural remedies and food spice that also has a sort of irritating smell to the breath.

We are going to discuss how to get rid of garlic breath using different techniques including the natural and artificial. Just know that garlic breath leave in a very short time period.

What causes garlic breath and how it occurs?

All allium plant family which includes garlic contain rich content of sulfuric compounds which in other words we call them cysteine sulfoxide.

When garlic is consumped the compound stay back in the mouth to cause garlic breath.

Another way how garlic breath occurs is when the garlic gets into the stomach, a compound called allyl methyl sulfide gets absorbed together with the garlic.

This compound, as a gas gets back to the lungs from the blood which causes bad breath. Now we are going to look at the possible methods of getting rid of garlic breath without the need of a doctor or any professional hand.

Natural method

First of all, if you want to get rid of garlic breath you have to cut down the consumption.

Start a simple tooth flossing to aid the removal of organic particles of garlic.

Constant gargling while on the mechanical method of flossing gives better guarantee of success.

Brush your teeth using salt as your mouthwash cream. Use warm water in order to hasting the process of getting rid of garlic breath especially in a mild condition.

Brushing your teeth with your normal mouthwash before and after the salt process is recommended to stop bad breath.

Swishing and tongue scraping can get the smell off your tongue and gum.

Sulfuric compounds are best removed using tongue scraping especially in a more mechanical way of getting rid of garlic breath.

Swishing can be done in a minimum rate and constant flushing should also be implemented.

Garlic breath the day after

You can get garlic breath off more easily the day after consumption.

On a course of obviousity, the first easiest way you can get rid of garlic breath after 24 hours is concealment. This method allows the smell to go away naturally without even you recognizing it's impact on your breath.

A smelly mint can be a great concealer of garlic breath.

You can also alternate this with chewing gum, which might also act as a natural swish that reduces the intensity of the sulfuric compound.

To be certain that you do away with the bad breath, you need a minty chewing gum.

Green tea can be taken warm in order to get rid of garlic breath a day after.

Peppermint also contain sulfuric compound dilutants, polyphenols.

The green tea and Peppermint can also be taken immediately after eating garlic, onion or any other clove of same family.

Instant neutralization

On this part we are going to focus on neutralizing the odour, which proves the best way to stop garlic breath and all bad breath.

Parsley can be used in different ways to avoid garlic's sulfuric compounds from making an impact on our breath. It can be mixed with garlic in foods or be chewed after taking garlic.

Seeds such as cloves, mint, fennel and cardamom can be chewed.

This are more useful after taking garlic, brushing and rinsing. It masks garlic odour, while hastening the fading odour.

Lemon stands as a balanced pillar against bad mouth odour and bacterial accumulation.

Take lemon after consuming garlic. And on your hand, rub your skin thoroughly.

Make sure the lemon juice touches all parts of your mouth to stop garlic breath.

There are many methods of getting rid of garlic breath including drinking milk and chewing coffee beans.

They all work according to compatibility and availability.

Avoid vigorous flossing and brushing in an attempt to get get rid of garlic breath. Just focus on proper masking as the odour evaporates naturally.