How To Get Rid Of A Headache Fast Without Medicine

Headache is common when you're hungry, stressed, depressed, strained or due to high temperature.

Learn how to get rid of a headache according to symptoms and causes.

Skip every medicine, caffeinated drinks and relax to observe the best natural methods to stop pains around the neck and head.

1. Orange

Get a succulent orange with cold water.

Sit in a quite place and fix your eyes on the orange while cupping it with your hands for 5 minutes.

Peel and devour the whole fruit and then drink a glass of cold water.

2. Headache Caused by Tension

The simplest way to get rid of a headache caused by stress, strains or tension without medicine is by management.

You can manage emotional stress and disappointment by alleviating the sources.

Pain Point: Forehead.

3. Hangover Headache

Hangover headache is caused by allergies or alcoholic drinks and the symptoms are usually connected to nausea and severe pains.

Painkillers can get rid of a headache such as hangover but cold drinks can cause brainfreeze.

So eat fatty foods and so much meat. Meat contains nitrites that helps to stop allergy headache or hangovers.

4. Migraine Headache

The symptoms of Migraine headache include weakness of the eye, cloudy sight, feel of heaviness in the forehead and in acute cases, vomiting.

You can get rid of a headache migraine by placing a cool towel on the forehead.

Avoid heat and bright lights but eat fiber foods once every week to avoid onset.

5. Relaxation Techniques


Lay on a sofa in a quite dark room.

Make sure you're comfortable, then close your eyes to feel how the headache slowly fades.

It might take upto 30 mins depending on how relaxed you are.

Creative visualization.

Creative visualization is having your wants accomplished in the imaginary world before getting transfered to the physical.

You are too visualize peace in order to circumvent both sides of the effects, causes and symptoms of pains around the head.

Lay in any posture then do some deep breathing while imagining the most peaceful natural scene you can remember.

The pain will move out as you breath deep out achieving your peace.

Other relaxation techniques include acupressure, reflexology (using index finger), spending time in the pool and simple shower.

You can treat your headache fast by relaxation, but you also have to consider different techniques at a time.


Place your two palms above your eye socket and twist the skin hard.

Massage your neck by pushing the head to different directions.

Squeeze your hair without pulling, until you succeed to get rid of a headache without medicine.

7. Home remedies

Drink a cup filled with warm peppermint tea.

It helps to get rid of a headache fast especially if you consider relaxing.

Alternatives to the natural headache remedy include chamomile tea, lavender and passionflower.

But beware of side effects and allergic reaction.

Endorphins are released whenever cayenne pepper hit the stomach which makes it act like a painkiller.

On the other hand you can grind small amount of cayenne pepper and then apply on the offending area to get rid of a headache.

ACV compress should be applied or drink a mixture of sweet marjoram and chamomile.

Aromatherapy preparations like rosemary, nutmeg and lavender oil are used to get rid of a headache arising from some underlying conditions such as cold, cough, fever and depression.

Mix both altogether and massage your forehead, neck or the entire head.

8. Quick methods

• Go get some fresh air by taking a brisk walk.

• Get some laugh.

Read some jokes and play with family members, friends or co-workers.

• How to get rid of a headache? Do the opposite, stay in a quite place.

• Relax your eyes from TV or computer screen and your ear, from sound.

• Do some yoga and then round up with some neck and shoulder stretches.

Changing Lifestyle

Many people do not suffer from headache just because of their lifestyle.

Adjust your lifestyle as well, to avoid regular pains and straining.

• Reduce systematic thinking by having a time to have fun either by playing games, meeting friends and families or hitting the gym.

• Time management is important for the health.

Budget your time correctly if you want to get rid of a headache and reduce the possibility of having headache anytime close.

• Reduce the intake of antibiotics or any type of chemical (including alcohol) to minimize hangovers.

Once you observe such simple practice, you shall end up teaching others how to get rid of a headache even without medication at home, offices, gym and awareness centers.