How to Make a Girl Be Comfortable Around You

The first and the best step you can take to make a girl be comfortable around you is being comfortable around her.

Just like nervousness, confidence is not achieved through being overly cocky around girls. Confidence is all about being nice and organized, while you take it slowly. So, the level of your confidence determine how confidence a girl is going to be around you.

Secondly, positive habits.

Although most girls fantasize about dating bad guys, no girl will feel comfortable around a negative minded fellow. Positivity is all about doing things that pleases the eyes and saying things that pleases the ear, without manipulating who you are or someone else.

Be yourself and not just her. Don't be so obsessive or desperate about being with her. The more you push hard, the more you increase your chances of scaring her away.

Hang out with her more often, in different places and occasions. The more she knows you, acknowledging the fact that you don't have a deadly intention towards her, the more she becomes comfortable with you.

Just like every other person, the girl you're thinking about needs more time, space and some analogy to make, before she become more comfortable around you. Time is very important here. If you can't wait for it, it won't favour you.

Tip: Keep personal hygiene and a good social personality. A smelly character makes her less comfortable as well as a smelly breath.