HOW do I convince women to go out on a date with me?

romantic dinner date

Why must you convince women to go out on a date with you.

Ok then...

Make yourself worth going out.

Flee from fake lifestyle and be your own self.

Away from the crowd and follow a definite standard of living.

Your outward appearance matters, but your inner state of mind should be your priority.

Focus on developing a mind so strong...

So strong to a point of self-liberation...

To a point where your self-esteem shall boost high above your height....

That's your only problem.

You think you don't deserve it that's why you're not getting it.

You think you don't deserve to be loved that's why you're asking her out on a date like you're looking for a favour.

Low self-esteem is your problem...

Because with a low self-esteem you make yourself less worth for success...

And no woman wish to be with a man that lacks some element of success.

The same low self-esteem, makes you shiver and tremble when you see a beautiful lady.

You lack the confidence to even stand where you are without shaking...talkmore of approaching her...

And when the wind from the south drag you to stutter like you deserve to be rejected.

You unconsciously give her the rule..the've given her the authority...just because you lack confidence.

She rejects you and tell her freinds about you.

So all her freinds know you're weak.

You can't even stand for the woman you think you can you stand for the success of your relationship?

How can you protect her when she needs to be protected??

These are the types of questions you need to answer.....questions on the mind of every woman you approach...just because you lack confidence.


Oh, the character that women hate!

You are desperate to be in love, so you went you're coming crumbling.

You're humiliated because you want to take them at a swap. And now you're talking about convincing them that what????

That you're looking for love and desperate to have one???

That you want to get laid and couldn't secure a relationship???

That you're out of your mind and want them to help you into your mind???

That you lack self-value and so random in choosing a date???

No, man!!!

Self-confidence, good self-esteem, standards and authority is what you need, not a woman!