How to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the common causes of career and academic failure especially among youth. Today we are going through a wider perspective on ways of overcoming Procrastination by creative planning and other surefire ways of hastening our daily tasks for greater and faster achievements.

When you're procrastinating

There are many points and reasons to be lazy but the end point usually falls at the "just a little rest" instinct.

You know you're procrastinating whenever you skip your work just to get some rest.

You know you're doing that thing whenever you settle down because of that little headache.

You know you're procrastinating when you can't make that bed and prefer to watch one or two programs on tv.

You know how a procrastinator you are when you don't feel like heading to the dinner table just because you love that bed.

You might realize how deadly this endeavour can destroy smaller and bigger opportunities when you find it as hard to obey your alarm.

Another way to discover procrastination within your daily life is when your colleagues and co-workers start to fear your time usage or even call you lazy in any way.

Laziness breeds procrastination and procrastinating stares sluggishness. So they both support each other to get you crawling under the influence of unacknowledged planlessness.

Overcoming procrastinating through planning

Setting a goal. Everyone can set goal but the most important thing is it's accomplishment. This takes us to the art of self-discipline.

Without self-discipline you can never obey a self-imposed plan. In overcoming procrastination, self-discipline is neither a fast make up habit nor a medication to work instantly. Self-discipline involves consistency which can be achieved only if you love what you're doing either by acknowledging the benefit or purpose of your goals.

Another way of dealing with laziness by self-discipline is through what I call "the influential value of self-development." This involves attaching yourself to people you can call mentors. Those hyper-active fellows you can adopt their lifestyle with ease.

How to deal with procrastination on your own

1. Time management is one of the most complicated causes of procrastination even as it vary according to personal scheduling. Thus you can first start the race by self diagnosis.

Strive more to understand yourself and how your tasks are getting hectic--bad time management. For example, if you're a bad sleeper always waking up late than planned, there's a tendency of liberation in adjusting your sleeping problem by starting your daily tasks earlier using organized mindset and a desire for accomplishment.

Another simple trick to overcome procrastination by proper time management is through time splits. For example if you're going to watch tv for an hour, try to make yourself recall what you may have to do for that same time period and do it. There's no magic in overcoming procrastination other than just doing it.

Setting up curiosity and the anticipation syndrome might also help in dealing with bad habits. This technique can also be applied in overcoming laziness in both adult and children. Placing the lunch somewhere you can see when doing the laundry promising yourself not to touch it until you're done with those clothes. You can use anything, juice, ice cream, even water, but the most important part is self-discipline.

2. Discipline as a motivation. As humans, we must all come across boring and hectic tasks as life goes on. The weapon to use in overcoming procrastination here's to convert discipline into motivation.

Assume that self-discipline is one of your cutting edge principles against procrastination. Make sure that you don't stop until you finish. Sometimes we tend to be overcomed by fantasies of quick accomplishments while in reality we are still standing looking at the same thing. Even as adults we need to eradicate fantasies and face the real thing in our front, besides us and we ourselves, I mean tackling the lazy man.

3. Skill improvement. As strange as it is, lack of skills brings low-key fear of failure and insecurity in facing task. In some cases you don't even feel the fear and the insecurities either, but the lack of perfection in thoughts and plans always leads to doubt, hence delay. Check those reasons.

Proper training is what you need in overcoming procrastination especially when you realize your weak points, Another way of overcoming procrastination is to improve your coping skills. Your emotional level of coping with stress; check it out and improve those skills.

4. Stress Management. The major problem people are having in overcoming procrastination when we talk about stress management is lack of acknowledging every part of the causes of stress. Mental stress is the worse undercover killer of motivation, interest and even the ability to manage oneself. So if you really want to excel overcoming procrastination, you need to stop mental stress.

We usually involve in fun stuffs just to relieve our stress but the fact is many hobby activities are the main cause of stress among considerate number of people in that it adds to the primary task the body is capable of accomplishing without complaining.

The fact here is that a proper stress management is very important in dealing with procrastination easily. Give your body rest when it needs just that; understand the different between a need to relaxe and laziness. Self-criticism also causes mental stress, you see the need to stop all those negative thoughts and embrace positive ones, making them not only your part of life but to stay with them in all endeavor.

5. Splitting tasks. Stuffing your to-do's doesn't make you feel the joy of your accomplishments. It gets you overwhelmed and too anxious of your morale in performing any task. In overcoming procrastination here, put the primary or the most needed task first and others on the waiting list.

Make sure you do those things that need productivity when you're more productive. Do not ignore assistance if you need to relax but never patronize dependency. The lifetime secret to overcoming procrastination is to embrace independency and love for one's self-achievement.

The Character adjustment Trick

The first procrastinator's character trait we are going to stand against is perfectionism. How does perfectionism affects your mode of activity and what do you do about it?

Perfectionism is an instinctive thought that every thing you do must be accurate. Someone refer perfectionism as erroneous thought which is true and confirm in the sense that it gives you every reason why you can't do it perfect and every doubt to keep avoiding those tasks.

The main physical trait for perfectionism is delay. So in overcoming procrastination you need to accept the fact that you're human and can do things out of order even carefully. You also have to use this technique to overcome procrastination knowing that there's always a chance to amend. So you don't have to be perfect because no one is, except the creator.

Reluctancy again is a general cause of careless failures among all ages. A carefree mind doesn't know the need of seriousness unless the red light of failure starts blinking. A reluctant mind exhibits a carefree personality trait resulting to procrastination.

The best way to know if you're carefree is by checking the level of your seriousness, thus finding a way to overcoming procrastination. In short, if you are below average according to self-judgement then the adjustment is vital.

Dependency level. Do you always wait for an imaginary helper always or fantasize about being helped? If either one happens, your level of dependency is high which makes you a victim of procrastination. A person that believes first in his abilities gives no space for procrastination as he's more involved in self-accomplishments.

Now what do you do in overcoming procrastination? Depend on yourself. If you need to improve in skills, start skill development. Believe in yourself. When challenges come around face them but keep on believing. Trust your abilities, for just that trust can wake up the weakness in you even as you keep on moving without compromise-- not giving a chance for procrastination or laziness.