How to Be Happy with Who You Are and Where You Are in 72 Seconds

Today we are going to wage a war against inferiority, weaknesses and insecurities. Today is the day made for liberation. A day to recognize who you are and how superior and outgoing you can be. Let's march on...

1. First of all, know that no two people are the same in this world. Everybody has weaknesses and strenghts. Most people feel inferior about certan things they're not good at.

2. Happiness is a choice you make through peace within. You must make a peace treaty between your wants and needs; emotions and attitude; lifestyle and looks. You must be realistic of all the impossibilities and possibilities of life.

3. You must be at peace even when you know that you can't change this and that about yourself.

You must be at peace with your family, knowing that it's fate that makes you a member.

4. You must embrace the fact that bad people are to be eliminated, and you're to eliminate each and every bad person in your life before your happiness shall be renewed.

And if you're eliminated out of someone's life, just know that you're not suppose to be there initially. Just know that you're bad for them, even if you're good for yourself and the people that love you now.

5. Be confidence of who you are. People seem to reject you because you lack confidence about yourself, though subconsciously, sensing they can't be confident about being with you.

6. Nobody is out to judge you. Everybody has his own fears and insecurities. It's not all about you or your defects. It's not all about your lack of knowledge, colour or height.

It's not all about looks, it's about feelings. How you feel about yourself and how that feeling manifests as action.

7. Nobody's perfect but everyone is trying to be one. Be an exception. Leave your comfort zone and start a new life today. Fears not known to the eye are fears not known to be real.

8. Focus less on comparing your looks with others. Realizing your ugliness, just make sure someone is uglier than you.

9. Think about your fears once again. That thing you don't want somebody to see. That comment you don't want to hear.

How many people are using that same thing you're hidding to make name for themselves. How many people are using there weaknesses and defects to make fame and fortunes. If your friends are not positive about the situation that you can't help, surely, you have Frenemies not friends. And it's your choice to live with them or to leave them--our choice to be happy or sad.

10. Friends are good assets. Elements of progress, Sources of happiness, and pillars for support. But do you have such type of friends? Friends that are honest about everything? Those that can admit every every? And you're wrongs are not hidden, but spreaded, analyzed and amended in harmony?

Look for honest friends today. Be who you are. Exercise small confidence in showcasing the person inside your person in order to attract compatible people. There's no way around this. Fake life attracts wrong people, which brings about suffering in friendships and relationships.

11. Find role models. Examine how others of same 'class' react with their bodies. Pick out their best qualities and apply it when pursuing a definite goal. Get closer to them if possible. Ask questions if you need to.

12. Respect starts from home. Look at that mirror and compliment that exceptionally gorgeous nose. If you don't start here, no one will start somewhere. Respect your self and everybody will believe in you. Believe in yourself and everybody will respect you.

13. Be realistic about sad moments but never ever allow yourself to get stranded with negative feelings for long. Be sad when your friend is sad, but make an effort to make him happy. Pull yourself and him out of the deep emotional trance and together you stand.

14. Be the reason for other's happiness. I don't have idea about your feelings but it always makes me happy to put smile on someone's face.

You must not do big things or even get out of your way to make things happen. Opening doors, helping the old woman, picking things up etc, are all small actions that makes people happy because they feel loved.

Do good with wisdom, to avoid accomplishing evil, to yourself and the people around you.

15. Spend time thinking about your strenghts. Don't bother much about your accomplishments, for you don't want to live in your past. Think about your potentials and how capable you are in the position you are right now.

16. Upon all the who you are stuff, don't concentrate much on yourself. It's good to be knowleadgable about yourself, in fact, this always come first. But don't get caught up in self-centeredness. Be interested in others. Think about them and before you know it, all those worries and anxieties are going to disappear.

happy person

I know you're happy right now but wait...are you frowning or smiling?

Regardless of your feelings, smiling is a big weapon against sadness. Even when nothing seem to make you happy, smile. And it's more effective when you smile to others.