A Guide to Become Content With What You Have

Express contentment through appreciation. Be thankful for having the basic necessities of life.

You're reading this. You have a device (either phone or desktop) with internet connection. You are able to pay the power and water bill. You can afford 3 meals daily. Can read, write and understand. Got some certificates.

All the things mentioned above are true about you but millions of people lack at least one of them. Another sets of millions cannot afford 3 junk meals a day, talkmore of your healthy diet.

You see how lucky you are just the way you are?

I know you have more to mention!

Families and friends are all blessings.

Be thankful for all this: the shelter and the job.

You don't need all those things you don't have. You just want them, and you feel deprived because you don't have them.

Be still. Do not despair, for everything you need shall be yours the time you suppose to have them.

Count them one by one, all that you have. Eliminate them from your thoughts, one by one, all that you don't have.

Read the newspapers. Listen to the news. And you shall understand how blessed you are when told about the plight of others.

Be a charity. Volunteer. Help the homeless. Be with the depressed. Through all this things, you'll develop a mindset of responsibility, being content with what you have.

Live in the presence but hope for a better tomorrow. When you're not comfortable about something, stand up against it.

Being content means being happy with what you have. But when you can't find happiness because of a lack, try to use a healthy method to fill that void in your life.