The content of L.O.V.E - spread love

What is the meaning of love?
Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection...but digging into morality, the respect for the human emotion, wants and needs, love has four content, definable according to the 4 letters: L.O.V.E.

Spread L.O.V.E

L-Listen more, talk less;

Love listens. Love can listen to the cry of the heart eyes closed. Love fulfills desires requested by gesture or conversation. It talkless, and understand more. It doesn't nag nor complain. It tries to understand without judging or criticizing.

O-Overlook mistakes & shortcomings;

Love does not know weakness. Where there's real love, mistakes are forgiven, in harmony and joy. Instead of grief, love stands to support and cultivate a shortcoming attribute, making the person stronger and better.

V-Value what you have;

Love is the first definable value of humanity. Saved by love, we're all happy people, because we're valued. Value, the 3rd alphabet of love, brings about the essence of respect in every love that calls itself true. It demands selflessness and evicts selfishness. It seeks honour and forsakes mediocrity. It's realistic and prudent.

E-Express your appreciation. Love that's not appreciated does not thrive. For tiny or bigger reasons, expression of positive feeling such as appreciation is very essential to have a complete love.

Love is not slavery. Love is responsibility. Sometimes it demands maturity. When you can't find l.o.v.e with all the 4 qualities, do not despair. Wait, develop your best positive qualities. Make yourself a better person, to be loved for who you are, valued and respected.