How to Fill Your Free Time With Useful Things

Here's how to find a free time and honour it.

1. Make a plan for the free time. The only way to make a 'free' useful is to focus on creating plans. Before you do anything, you decide, based on purpose, goals or fulfillments.

2. Always keep a journal of the things you'd like to do to explore your job, career, business or relationships. Your journal will always be handy when you need to 'kill' time.

3. Bring the tomorrow goals to today. Regardless of how free you are today, there must be something to be done tomorrow. So try to use the previlege to hasten your steps toward your goals, using your free time.

4. Do not use your free time to work if it's a time you need to relax. After every task or project, we always need free time to unwind, refresh and improve our creative energy. Relax when you need to. Take a nap or play games.

5. Avoid answering calls, reading emails and listening to voice messages, but use the time to live 'apart' from the boring work thing.

6. Expand your comfort zone. Discover new things, take risks, try adventures..., it's a time to discover something new about your self. Staying beyond your comfort zone helps to make a free time more enjoyable.

Get out of your comfort zone to broaden your awareness and be more interested in people and things that need your attention, by sparking curiosity.

7. Instead of using your free time for listening to the Radio or watch TV, be more creative. Turn everything off, sit down quietly and think about some creative moves. Suggestions include, writing poems, making video about your expertize, composing songs, creating short stories, etc.

8. Volunteer, it's fulfilling. Put some smile on someone's face. You really need to try this. It comes with good and satisfactory benefits.

9. Expand your free time by eliminating clutters that make you busier than you'd like. If your house is too big, look for a maid or purchase a smaller one. If it's children, train them how to take care of the things they can take care of, or find a babysitter.

10. Join an interesting course, if you have lots of free time. And learn for the sake of learning.

11. Make a hobby/pastime out of your free time. Learn new skills. Be definite and purposeful. In fact, create a plan on how you can convert your interest into a monetary equivalent.

12. Make cooking and gardening enjoyable by introducing new decorations, designs or recipes. Convert chores to joys.

13. Get spiritual. Use the time to carry out some creative-visualization and meditation exercise. Creates a door to proper self-actualization and the discovery of inner vision.

14. Make friends. Get out of the room and meet new people or old friends to pass the time. There's always something to learn from friends; something to improve and something to adjust. So never miss the flavour of socialization.