How to Get a Girl with Your Eyes

Assume you're talking to one of the elders in your village...

Let everything on your mind and around to remain silent...

Take a deep breath, in and out.

Look at her directly in the eyes...

Keep on looking at her until she realize it.

Imagine the worsest emotional moment that makes your eye watery, and let that exactly to happen.

You're now becoming so emotional, provoking her ever sensitive emotions.

Become friends at a moment...

Open up to her as much as you want her to open up to you.

Ask her out and she'll feel honoured.

Discover your compatibilities and do things together.

Don't try to manipulate her. Don't let her to manipulate you. Be yourself and encourage her to do the same.

Look into her eyes and open doors to her.

Compliment her while looking deep in her eyes. There's nothing more infectious about you than doing what she'd love while looking at her eyes.

Don't stare at her, look at her eyes. Build your confidence here! Girls don't like guys with low self-confidence.

Be creative. You have a creativity within you. There's no rule, only guides.