How to get a girl's number (quick steps)

Most guys don't have the liberty and cojones to ask for a girl's phone number the first time they meet. But what every guy needs to develop a long-lasting gut is a realistic confidence.

*. Confidence lands you numbers. The fear of rejection is the bigginning of failure, in the dating world. Being too nice will not get you any numbers. In fact, must women prefer to be asked phone numbers directly when faced a stranger for the first time.

Confidence is not something you assume you have. It's something you need to show this girl. It's something that gets you attractive, makes the girl receptive, and then boosting your certainty of acceptance.

*. Confidence turns a woman on. It shows that there are more interesting things to be explored with you and about you. It raises her curiosity and allows your guts to do the rest of the job.

*. Your confidence makes her confident and open minded. She feels secured and certain.

But one thing...

*. Never rely on others.

Do not rely on others when trying to get a girl's number.

*. The best time to collect girl's number is the first time you meet. If you've screwed up that moment, you can always make it up by meeting her in person again.

*. If you know her long, find a reason to talk to her, and make sure you end up getting her number.

*. Do not email or look for her on facebook. When it comes to dealing with women, you have to go to the source.

*. Do not complement her. Whether she's pretty or beautiful, most women are used to hearing complements. Sounding like the regular guys, the flattery professionals, might be lame.

*. Be exceptional to her. The phenomenal guys get the numbers, not the crowds.

Asking a girl's number is a way to ascertain how interesting she is to you. The more you expect much, the more you become anxious at a slight sign of disengagement. So build a realistic confidence and try your luck today.