10 Proven Signs She's Flirting With You

We're not trying to get bored here: this are 10 most proven signs to understand whether a woman is flirting or not.

1. She approaches you to talk, mimick your mannerisms and touches you...this is the first step of every flirt.

2. She enters your personal space, invade it, and all like a tease. Example, brushes you with a smile.

3. She makes an eye contact, keep it long, and stares at your back. Wide eyes...! That's a real sign she wanna get connected.

4. Looks for every reason to touch you in public. Punches, pinches, pinges! It's an old trick but still at work.

5. Plays with her hair, let it cascade in front of one eye, twirl it, let it cascade again. She's been creative!

6. She mimicks your body movement, accent, or language usage. Now she's sincerely infatuated, trying to get your attention.

7. She singles you out amongst the crowds and wants to be alone with you.

8. Draws attention to her mouth with her finger or an object. Now she's being seductive.... using the most potent and effective flirting tool.

9. She keeps walking by, and out of her way, trying get noticed. She wants your attention but she wants you to make an effort.

10. She's chatting up "other guy" but keeps her eye on you. This is the most ridiculous flirting sign a woman can give from far. Worse, she may even try to flirt with your friend to entice you. They call it the "Cheeseburger Principle."