51 Amazing Ways To Boost Your Brain Power

Do you want to improve your brain-power, your ability to think fast?


1. Engage in intensive Meditation sessions: a quiet time for self-listening and relaxation

2. Take out a colour pencil and start drawing to stimulate creativity.

3. Exercise your body daily; preferably, morning and evening, to develop new brain neuron.

4. Exercise your mental capacity here to increase your brain power.

5. Get involve in brainwave entertainment to shape your brain according to your wish.

6. Cut down on junk foods to avoid brain dizziness and mental retardation.

7. Deep breath for 15 minutes to increase blood flow to the blood and more oxygen to the body.

8. Learn a new language to increase brain-power for learning and to add more structure to your brain.

9. Take fish oil to benefit from it's (DHA and EPA) brain boosting properties.

10. Laugh, it aids the release of brain endorphines, chemical you need to feel relaxed and ouy of pain.


11. Engage in healthy and safe debate to improve your verbal intelligence and increase your brain's ability to think fast.

12. Take multivitamins to have an enriched brain. Very important in facilitating healthy body functions.

13. Drink lots of pure water after a meal. It helps in flushing out toxins from the blood, leaving you feeling fresh and creative.

14. Eat healthy diets to maintain a stable nutritional level. A professional nutritional timetable is most advisable.

15. Create a strange environment. Changes in situation, environment or behaviour stimulates your brain to function on a creative realm.

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16. Set short-term goals to stimulate positive thinking and imagination, which brings about brain boost.

17. Listen to positive music to increase intelligency. (research proven)

18. Be empathetic and sentimental. It helps your brain interact with people's emotion, increasing your learning ability.

19. Allow some space for yourself and reduce stress. It takes away your passion, interests and focus, reduced accumulation of relevancies, which causes slight retardation of the brain. Stess in particular, kills brain cells, when the release of cortisol hormone is increased.

20. Embrace positive thinking. Positive deep thinking does the positive magic to your brain, while negative thinking does the negative.


21. Brianstorm. Push your brain to the creative realm of thinking.

22. Write your thinking down. Het a paper and write any random thought. By doing that you're practically flushing out junk thoughts, allowing your brain to think straight.

23. Start a creative visualization sessions. By imagining yourself at the highest relaxation paradise, you're preparing yourself to a peak body-mind performance.

24. Take 20 minutes nap everyday. This is most imprtant when you're on a project that needs high mental concentration. A short sleep, and you're refreshed.

25. Use hypnotic suggestion on yourself--self-hypnosis. It promotes sound thinking.

26. Do cross words puzzle , the more your score increase, the more you'll enjoy it's positive effect.

27. Eat nuts before a test or exam. Research has found nuts to increase brain-power within a short period of time.

28. Read books! Intelligent people reead books. Information is a food to the brain and it can't get enough.

29. Listen to classical tunes, for stimulating the left hemisphere of the brain. You can do bettwr in creative writing and mathematics when you involve in this practice.

30. Play screen games. Most computer games are great brain-boosters that can increase your thinking power overtime.

31. Sleep the complete 8 hours. There's no effective brain stunter than sleep deprivation. Do the opposite and enjoy the benefits.

32. Tuen off the tv and read something. Always be on the right side of the screen. Watching tv generally reduces brainwave, which when intense causes decline in brain fitness.

33. Paint a picture. The practive require creative visualization, which is good for the creative functioning of the brain.

34. Never press down your tears when you feel like crying. Cry to cleanse the emotional side of the brain.

35. Stop overfeeding yourself to stop brain dizziness.

36. Never skip breakfast or eat it late. Researches show that student who eat regular breakfast do well more than those who don't.

37. Take a walk to the grocery store, your office or friend's house. This type of exercise clears the mind of all junks.

38. Mimic others to stimulate that part of your brain that's always sleeping. Have fu while developing your mind power.

39. Involve in thought provoking challenges, and fun activities to improve your critical thinking process.

40. Involve in neurofeedback once in a while to promote your brain's flexibility.

41. Cut down on alcohol to reduce mental confusion, the "foggy" disorganized thinking. Temperance is all you need, in order to have a well functioning brian.

42. Stop drug abuse and live the natural. Drug abuse, according to drug type causes brain-bleeding and cell loss.

43. Take fresh fruit juice after your launch to provide your brain some vital nutrients to focus.

44. Employ rational thinking by kicking out emotional stuffs out of your life. A good way to do this is self-awareness through introspection.

45. Take gingko biloba to increase blood flow to the blood.

46. Sniff some basil to improve your overall brain functioning.

47. Always be a learner. Stay in the school of your career and never stop learning new ideas.

48. Ask questions anywhere. It's a way of provoking new thoughts and learning active listening.

49. If you're married, have sex with your spouse. It helps release the necessary hormones for high emotional intelligence.

50. Sleep in the dark, it increases the flow of melanin, increasing the brain's processing power.

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51. Read the list all over again. Highlight what you are going to start now and start the implementatio right away.

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