27 Insane Guide to High Achievement: How to Do Well in School

A great future is mostly determine by the quality of school grades. People who are opportuned to study should keep the following points handy, in order to enjoy what the future have in store.

1. Even if you don't know what you're going to pursue after school, never neglect your goals. You have an automatic short-term goals; to pass with high grades. Analyz your goals, write what you'd like to score and start implementing it immediately.

2. Have every material needed to support your learning available.

3. Write down important points during classes and go over them before the the next day.

4. Strive to answer questions in class even when you're not sure. This way you're going to increase your confidence of learning.

5. Always study at home before test or exam period. Sketch a timetable and follow it consistently.

6. Summarize your notes on a new notebook. Pick out important points in order to make reading easier.

7. Never ever read 2 subjects/courses at a time. Allow your brain to relax by taking a nap or playing some games between reading sessions.

8. Choose your true mode of study. Study with coursemates/classmates, it's a good way to share ideas. This can't be always, for you also need to spend a quiet with your book.

9. Ask for jelp when you really need help. Ask your mates who are doing good in that particular subject to teach you or do that during class. You can also meet your teacher one-on-one for clarification.

10. Learn from your mistakes and never wish to fail twice. Focus on the cause and what you need to improve to overcome second mistakes.

11. Always study during vacation and holidays. Seize the cool opportunity to put in extra effort. It always mean extra credit, studying ahead of others.

12. Do not freak out when you couldn't score as expected in the test. Relax and find out your mistakes. This will help you understand the kind of preparation needed to make straight A's.

13. Make sure you sleep well every night. Lack of sleep alters with your mental alertness and sharpness. Make sure you reach a 7 hour.

14. Never mind your IQ, persistency can change your story. Just push as hard and consistence as possible. Do not surrender to failure.

15. Make more friends and have fun by joining extra curricular activities. You can make as much friends as you want but never exercise intense friendship in class, library or any academic venue.

16. The knowledge is in the book. Study and determine to do well.

17. Be organized with time. Do not shuffle your daily activities. Make a time for everything and follow strictly.

18. Be the smart student. Exercise prudence and serenity. Work with your head held high, being confident of who you are and your goals now--a smart student reaching for a great future.

19. Attend classes regularly. Your attendance record and the teaching itself means alot. Listening to a teacher teaching is more effective than test books. So be the smart!

20. Learn active listening technique to improve your grade. Most questions you find in tests were explained in class.

21. Don't worry about other students in your class, their attitude or lifestyle. Just be yourself, be assertive about it, and at last everybody's going to respect you for that.

22. Be friends with smart mates. Allow yourself to be influences by the positivity of other smart students. Learn from them, their study techniques. And never forget to teach them also.

23. Never sit near friends in class. Apart from study buddies (the smart friends) all other friends, even the good ones are bad for you in the class. Sit where you are going to be qualified as a high achiever: good learner: paying full attention and understanding everything.

24. Don't cheat, never ever. Knowledge is your main purpose of schooling. It's the knowledge acquired here that makes you an effecient asset after school. Cheating brings you down: it takes away your passion for studies, and even if you make good grades on paper, no reasonable company is going to employ your empty head. Just strive to KNOW the subject and you shall pass. Do not let fear or peer pressure to push you into what you're not!

25. Eat healthy breakfast, it helps your concentration. Take enough liquid to stay fully alert in the classroom.

26. Don't procrastinate, it's a sign of laziness. And you think you're not lazy, it's perfectionism. Although they know alot, even you're teachers are perfect. So just do it when you can and how you can, expecting the best.

27. When things are hard, don't worry. Just smile and feel the flow of happiness. Surround yourself with very supportive positive friends and live on for the best.