Holy Relationships Tips: How to Follow the Dating Rules for a Christian Teenager

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The benefit of following the chriatain dating rules are beyond count. Starting from the blessings of marriage, to the stability of emotions, once you follow the dating rule carefully and consistently, you shall never regret marrying who you'd marry.

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Remember, your spiritual life most be stable and reasonable to be able to follow the rules completely and gladly.

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1. Respect yourself according to the standards of the scripture. This involves how you speak, dress and act. No fooling around or letting the opposit-sex individual to feel you up. Remember, you want to marry the right person and your physical characteristics will determine what and who getd attracted to you. Corinthians 6: 10

2. Respect others around you. Dating, the religious way, does not mean everybody's wrong and "less" to be respected. Give the required respect, although you don't have to go against your conviction, just for the sake of respect. Ephesians 6: 1-4

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3. Read the bible regularly. Every morning, spend a good time with God in prayer and thanksgiving. Read the word. It's a guide for the day.

4. Be clear with your loved ones, parents, about how commited and serious you are. Make clear the decency of the relationship, ask questions and listen to advice.

5. Never expect too much from a date. In fact, expect nothing more than real aqcuiantance and progressive dating process.

6. Ask anything, at a convinient time. Answer anything, when asked. Open up to anything, it's very important.

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7. Expect respect and love. Love without respect is unreasonable. Never continue to date someone that calls you name and makes you feel bad emotionally, intentionally.

8. Don't allow yourself be manipulated. You are who you are, God made you this way, and nobody is to manipulate that. The only thing that's important is improving your spiritual life to become a better person. Anything apart from this, may hurt you long-term.

9. Know that you're free to end a date at anytime. You're not in the "lock" of marriage and you have all the right end any relationship that don't seem to contribute reasonably to your spiritual life.

10. Pray, pray hard. In order to overcome failure and suffering, you need to employ are genuine and persistent prayer life. Pray against wrong people, dates. Remember, the type of person you're going to spend your life with always determine the kind of life you're going to live. Be wise in spirit and truth.