How to Get a Girl Who Has Never Dated to Date You

Want to date an inexpereinced girl? Here's a quick start tips:

Determine whether she is ready by flirting. If she response back, she is ready. If she avoids you, be interesting and take it from there.

shy girl

Get closer to them emotionally and physically. The closer you are the more comfortable they'll become around you, and the more likely they'd go out with you.

Make it simple. Every dating is a begining of friendship and it may end uo in anything. So, never dream much, never expect much, just hope for the best in the moment. Applying this mindset to dating will make you look less desperate, allowing you to make it simple and slow. At first you might like to go out with them together with other friends.

Ask for the date. I mean a one-on-one date! Suggest a movie, the best option for someone who hasn't dated before. If they decline, continue the group date until they build confidence.

Dating a girl that has never dated is very interesting but you have to be ready for rejection at anytime. Awkward moments are going to be less once you take it slow and casual.

Never tease or impose strange ideologies on the innocent girl. Respect her statue and be realistic of her needs as a good company