17 Provocative Ways to Be Knowledgeable and Smart

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1. Focus your time mainly on learning. Before you engage in any activity, ask yourself "what an I going to learn here?", "is there any intellectual benefit?" Focus and the benefit and explore the better side of it.

2. Build enthusiasm towards anything new. Listen to the radio more often than watching movies. Use the internet to research more about any new discovery, news or life events. Practically, hunt for knowledge.

3. Never neglect the library. Check history shelf, and you are going to find some interesting books to spend the time with. They are never old. Just getting off the screen to face a less digital world will keep your enthusiasm high.

4. Be open-minded. Learn to share, ask and listen.

5. Talk with people who seem to know alot. Be friends with them and learn how they become the people they are.

6. Align yourself to a proper active listening technique. Sharp people are good listeners, but listening is an art.

7. After feeding your brain with substantial amount of information, allow your creative mind to interpret your knowledge. This brings about a unique perspective, a practical and knowledgable disposition. You don't have to follow a particular theory or principle, study the world the way you see it.

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8. Step out of your learning comfort zone. Learn about things you won't normally learn. Spend a reasonable time researching about that thing, then forget about it and jump on other things.

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9. Keep journal of interesting facts about anything you learn. This way you can spend a leisure time going through them.

10. Focus on a broad informational spectrum. Do not limit your learning to a subject. Be diverse and broad!

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11. Start watching educational tv programmes. There are lots of channels today mainly for discoveries and education.

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12. Explore different hobbies. This will create an opportunity for meeting many people, learning about life.

13. Be critical in your observation of things happening aroind your world. Criticism promotes observation!

14. Always read magazines, tabloids, and newspapers thoroughly. Do not just read headlines. Read between lines.

15. Experiment what you've learn't whenever possible. It promoted you to a professional level of knowledge.

16. Don't believe everything. Some informations are presented only for the sake of knowledge and it's mare ideological rather than a theory. So always learn for the sake of knowledge and live your life the way you're living.

17. Use this website to learn how to do amazine things using the brainpower and other fun techniques.