Brain Functionality Hack: 47 Ways to Boost Brain Power Now

Want to have an unusual sharp brain?

Save this page and impement, daily, one by one.

1. Involve in Aerobic Exercise

2. Listen to music while exercising

3. Engage in strenght training such as weight lifting, press up etc.

4. Dance

5. Play golf

6. Practice yoga or any type of meditation you feel comfortable doing

7. Always have a good night sleep. 7 hours at less.

8. Take occasional 20 mins nap

9. Break a routine. E.g, wearing a watch upside down.

10. Get organized mentally and transfer it to the physical

11. Doodle, during a cognitive task

12. Let the mind wander. Just listen to it.

13. Floss to trigger nutrient flow to the brain

14. Mow a lawn

15. Write by hand for a better cognitive skills

16. Sharp your senses. E.g, eating with the eyes close, dictating a smell, eye closed, etc.

17. Sex improves your logical decision making. Ignore this one if you're not married. Pre-marital sex is sin!

18. Employ a positive intra and inter-relationship.

19. Never argue. Embrace pleasant conversation.

20. Laugh your way.

21. Think about your ancestors

22. Meditate in the "word" day and night

23. Play video games

24. Watch short tv shows. Too much, you're going to become dumb

25. Lay down to increase your brain capacity to solve hard insightic problems

26. Stay hydrated

27. Take excess omega-3s

28. Add spices to your meal

29. Take excess leafy green vegetables

30. Eat nuts and seeds

31. Take vitamin B12, followed by other vitamins

32. Eat complex carbohydrate foods

33. Take coffee every morning and night, if you like. Just take coffee for your brainpower

34. Take apples to boost brainpower

35. Eat chocolates

36. Grape juice are also good brain boosters

37. Grab a chewing gum once in a while and you're off with a sharp thinking ability.

38. Eat healthy chicken and eggs

39. High fatty foods are also great in increasing brainpower

40. Take some glucose for alertness and other advantages

41. Milk is also a common brain booster, cool for both kids and adults

42. Involve in novelty. E.g playing sudoku, reading novels, etc.

43. Navigate cities for great spacial memory.

44. Play an instrument during relaxation or when you want to be motivated.

45. Speak out loud. Read out loud. Recite something special.

46. Learn a second language. If you can third, fourth, fifth, sixth....

47. Only positive thinking! It builds. While the opposite does the opposite.

All the above brain boosting techniques are well researched and proven by different scientists. Pick what feels right and never remain the same.