Critical Interventions: How to Improve Reading Fluency

Here are quick reading fluency interventions for a great reader:

1. Focus on main ideas. You don't have to understand every word because most writers ramble. Just read the main idea and take the writer's analogy as a bonus.

2. Understand words by guess. If you're a regular reader, must words you might be able to get used to word usage without the aid of a dictionary. For example "sanity, sane, insanity, insane". Words like this should not be a problem, once you understand the meaning of one

reading comprehension strategies

Another example is "growl angrily" since anger is a common word, "grow" should be a verb connected with negativity--a harsh action was taken "angrily" this way, big words are going to stuck with your brain for long.

3. Be analytical: who does this? What is he feeling? Is there any problem? What is the solution? Where does it happen? For how long's this going on? Such similar questions are more important than other details.

4. Improve your reading speed

View sentence in groups rather than individual words. For example "The pretty girl nodes her head after every point made by Jdy" There are nine words in total but by grouping "the pretty girl", "nodes her head", "after every point", made by Jdy", we have 4 parts. Viewing every sentence this way is one of the best ways to improve reading speeds.

5. Be a critical thinker

Critical thinkers are almost always capable of figuring out new ideologies about everything. Ideological intuition provides the mind a balancing, capable of retaining substantial knowledge at a small period of time.

6. Develop your brain processing power

Fluency is achieved through intelligency, and intelligency, through proper brain exercise. Learn the basics of improving your brain's processing power here.

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