Scandalous Relationship: How to Make Up with Your Partner After a Fight

Want to have a peaceful make up after an emotional breakup or argurment?

Here are 12 sure-fire step-guide to effective relationship reconcilitation.

1. Identify the root feeling causing the problem. Forget the subject, think about what makes you feel bad about the subject. Examples of root feelings include fear of abandonement, feeling taken for granted, inadequacy.

2. Cmmunicate your feelings nonviolently in one sentences. Example "I feel scared when I see you with other men"

3. Take responsibility of your feeling. Do not blame your partner of your overwhelming feelings, take responsibility and discuss the problem on the bases of support and care.

4. Appologies for something you did even if you didn't start it. Appologies for your inconsistent behaviour. This will make your partner open up to simple talks, rather than arguement. Be humble ans you'll be raised.

5. You don't have to be always right. In fact, let go of being right and embrace arguement free conversation. When your partner has calmed down, the truth will always "pop out" on his/her mind, which might bringg about humble appology. You can achieve this by patient.

6. Be the best example of who you want your partner to be. Let him/her learn in his)her own ways. Never force a plan to an adult. Let the recognize it by themselves.

7. Regardless of the intensity of an offence, even infidelity, try to forgive when requested. And try to learn why your partner has to do that, patiently.

8. Appreciate your partner's good, regardless of the height of the wrongs. They can't be fully perfect, but when appreciation is shared with love and joy, it motivated the positive creative mind, which always brings about character and lifestyle improvement.

9. Set a reasonable boundaries for your relationship, especially when things seem complicated. This might include limited yelling, time to talk about sensitive issue, or calling each other nasty names. Boundaries are not made to be crossed, and any of you that cross it is the guilty one. Make this clear with each other and observe the progress.

10. Always listen to them, or you might spark more arguement in an attempt to mend your relationship

11. Give them space when they need one. Desperation cannot solve the problem. In solving relationship problems, the extent of your success is always determined by the extent of your patience.

12. Never ever bribe your partner sexually or using gifts. That might calm them for a short time but only a deep digging to a root of a problem can save your relationship, long-term.