How to Get Your Boyfriend to Read 319 Books

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Want to get your boyfriend start reading like crazy?

Here are 10 simple ideas

1. Encourage him to read nonfiction. Men prefer information rather than stories. Suggest a hostorical or challenging book for him.

2. Find books about his career and interests. Men likes stories that are relevant to their own lives.

3. Suggest harry porter series or buy him one as a gift.

4. Just like harry porter, graphic novels are more popular among guys. Give hime something among the manga series to stair up his reading interest.

5. Give him short story books. Short story collections are a great start ups to reading.

6. Get him to read interesting and relevant articles from magazines and newspapers.

7. Get him interested in seasonal movies. Men who watch seasonal films are more likely to spend time reading long novels.

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8. Provide magazines in the bathroom. This will encourage him to read , even out of boredom, developing the interest a step at a time.

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9. Make him read for half an hour in return for what he loves much for the next half hour. Bribery works best if all the above failed.

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10. Be realistic. If you can't inflience your man to read by being an example or by using the above methods. Just accept the fact that you cannot start him now. Let him be who he is and wait for time.