Naughty Principles of Concentration: How to Be More Focused and Determined

stay focused on goal

1. Concentrate on one thing, that particular thing until it's complete.

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2. Set a short-term goal and pursue it. This way you'll fing it easier to pursue long-term goals.

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3. Think about the importance of your goal: the benefit, achievement and the monetary equivalent.

4. Add to your knowledge by commiting some of your time for researching new ideas.

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5. Learn enough methods of performing a particular task and never hesitate to experiment them.

6. Action is what make people achievers. Dream is nothing without a plan for action and action. So, make a definite plan, start at once, and at any point.

7. Do not allow perfectionism, for it causes the deadly cause of failure; procrastination.

8. After you accomplish every goal (be it short-term or long-term) give yourself a break by celebrating the accomplishment. Then set out for higher goals.

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9. Never ever flaunt the little achievement. Pride distracts your focus to your ego and society rather than you and yourself. Do not dwell in your past achievement, determine to make it bigger, and make an attitude for it.