A Ridiculously Simple Way to Solve a Problem

problem solution

Your approach in solving a problem depends solely on your decision, considering the situation, your experience, your attitude and knowledge.

Like a pilot realizing "his" single-engine plane has run out of gas, a counsellor or attorney trying to settle a dispute, or a parent intangled in an overwhelming kid-problems or a student going through alot of mental and physical challenges; there is a one way approach of solving any problem.

Just as a single sense do create, fights, processes, undersrand etc, the actual thinking strategy needed cross over barricages is compiled on this page.

problem solving

Harness the power of logic to arrive at a smart conclusion. This is made easy by the process of elimination--the four process division:

1. Define the problem
2. Develop a plan
3. Implement the plan
4. Evaluate the results

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Unless you arrive at a satisfying level of solution, repeat 2 through to 4.

1. Defining a problem.

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Never bother about the effect or cause of a problem, instead focus on what the problem is. If your car is broken down, the problem defination is "you can't start the car" but not whether you're running late, that's the effect, and it has no "use" in solving the problem.

2. Developing a plan.

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Now you can consider the cause of the problem (if you know one), develop a plan by breaking the issue into smaller problems. This way you can easily head to implementation without much procrastination.

3. Implementing the plan

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Use logics to eliminate possible causes and focus mainly on the most obvious ones. Use some practical, but still logical, tests that will determine the definiteness of the causes. Eliminate them one by one until you're left with one. That one is the definite cause, which demands your undivided attention to implement a measure.

4. Evaluating the result.

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Evaluate what you learnt about the problem. If the problem is solved, take the procedure as a definite plan in solving any related problem. If the problem remains unaltered, go back to your plan and work on a cause.

What if you couldn't arrive at a definite solution?

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This might be as a result of lack of proper qualification. You might lack the skill or knowledge, or have been missing something.

It's time for another plan!

Ask someone who seem to be very qualified. If you can't find a professional, you can ask randomely for ideas, in order to get that problem solved.

If you're in a business settings, you might like to gather your team-workers for faster result.

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Every problem require good knowledge and skill. Never stop learning. Learn for a purpose, a definite purpose. Don't just learn because they say "learning never" ends. Learn because you need the knowledge, and now. Learn specifically, to improve your problem solving ability.

Do not forget the 3 behaviors of high achievers: deligence, persiverence and braveness. A great problem solver must exhinit all the 3 traits to reach a satisfaying result.

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When a problem seems to be coming back in your life there's only one thing you need to do: change your mindset. Problems cannot be fully solved by the mind who created it. Develop your mindset, above that problem, and you shall reach a problem-free level, in that particular situation.