A 13-step Guide to English Fluency: How to Improve English Communication Skills

Upgrade your english communication skills by following the 13 steps:

1. Learn 10 new words everyday by reading the dictionary. Remember 6 new adjectives and 4 verbs. This are the backbone of English Language and you won't have problem if you know enough.

2. Whenever you read a word, look out for examples of sentences to use that word in many ways.

3. Create about 10 sentences with each word. And write them down in your vocabulary journal.

4. Feel free to speak in English as you're learning. You only become perfect through practice, thus applies to speaking better english.

5. Never ever speak any other form of english language apart from the formal one. Street language, or whatever you call it, will not help your language.

6. It was proven that people who thinl before they speak speak clearer message than those who speak out of intuition. So do not speak for the sake of speaking, rather speak because you want to speak sense.

7. Be friends with good english speakers. Never feel shy to learn from others. For when you become fluent, nobody will remember your past. Listen attentively and ask questions where you're confused. This is the fastest way to become a good english communicator.

8. Think in English. Forget your local language. Perform every imagination and logical thinking in English. Speak to yourself in English. You "speak" on your mind more than the way you do physically. So learn to explore this! It's possible.

9. Use new English words in your routine. Stop using the words you're thought in kindergarten. Apply the new words.

10. Be consistent in your "new word research" it pays off well. Learn learn learn and never stop learning.

11. When watching the tv or listening to a radio program, be focused on how words are used and jote down every new word for learning.

12. A good radio station for learning better British english is the BBC. They operate 24 hours. So you can learn good english while learning about the world, even while working.

13. Listen to audio books. They are great in learning pronunciation and stress.

Do not be overwhelmed, as long as you're learning something. Just love english and be interested.