Who Else Wants to Read a Very Long Book Fast, Understand It and Get a Good Grade

So you really need to get this fast, upload everything on your brain and face the test...

Here's a quick plan

1. Reading time planning.

Start with 30 minutes a day and increase the time as you get comfortable with reading the boring textbook.

2. In my reading skills series am strongly against skimmimg but here, in order to cover that book before exams you really need to skim. Just focus on the subheadings; bold and italics, to know something about every chapter and move on.

3. Jote down what you "feel" is important; the page number, chapter or the main point, to revise them after you're done with the book.

4. Answer questions after every chapter. This calls for a "slow down" but you really need it, to be confident of your effort.

5. If you're reading a textbook and it has summaries at the end of every chapter, focus only on them to save time.

6. Don't understand? Never hesitate to ask someone smart to help you out.

7 if you really really need to read alot in a day, having a nap in between will help your brain process what you've read faster, becoming fully alert for another loads of information.

girl studying

Never force yourself to it. The little you got up there should be sufficient when practiced well. Avoid overwhelming your brain by depriving yourself a good sleep.