16 Secret Guides for Improving Your Reading Skills

1. The first step for improving your reading skill is reading. Find a book of interest, written by a good writer and a good theme.

2. Try reading aloud. And it doesn't mean you have to shout. Just whispering some words like the "th" as "d" or "te", and other words you need to differentiate how they are pronounced.

3. Reading aloud does not only improve your reading skills but your reading skills also.

4. Find a suitable place and moment to read without being distracted. To make your reading real effective to your skills you need to find concentration more than anything else, where you can focus for an hour or 2 without distraction. Remember, the brain gets fully attentive after about 15 minutes when distracted.

5. Scan the book, look at pictures ot listen to some music before you focus on the nain business.

6. When you start getting bored, get a break. Read as much as you can but never force yourself intensively.

7. Reread if you don't understand. Reread if you enjoy it.

8. Rather than dwelling under the influence of one, expose yourself to more books from different authors. Many authors can be interesting. Never follow an author like religion.

9. Fast reading is not about skimming words and passing over important informations. It is about your capability to read between lines with deeper attention. Nevr skim, it doesn't improve your skills.

10. Learn to use context clues in finding the meaning of a word: understanding a word by the partnern of the sentence and the subject in question. This is important for increasing your reading speed, in that you don't need to check dictionary for every word. Antonyms are well recognized through context clues.

11. Use your free time for reading. In order to become a good reader you need to be a hobby reader. Read as much and as vast as possible.

12. Try reading-writing. Many good readers have higher potentials of becoming wonderful writers. In this case, a good reader is capable of becoming a better reader when he tries writing.

13. Use your finger as a pointer to increase your concentration.

14. Ask someone who's good at reading to help you out, if need arise.

15. Explore your best reading posture. While I prefer sitting upright to increase my alertness, some prefer standing and some sitting on the floor with their legs straighted out. Discover yours by trying every comfortable posture.

16. Reading in the dark with a dimmed flashlight can give you a headache. Ensure that you have sufficient lighting before you start reading in the dark.

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