A 6-Step Guide to Brilliancy: How to Increase Your Brain's Processing Speed

Here's a quick interesting exercise that will instantly inprove your brain speed, visualization-visioning skills and attention skills.

This exercise, when carried out correctly will increase your thinking speed, make you smarter and all intellectually sophisticated.

1. Take a look at this picture carefully. Enlarge it for the best result.

Source: wikihow.com

2. Call out the direction the eyes in the pic are looking, from top to bottom, then right to left.

For examlpe, "down, left, up, right", just the way you see it.

Do it without mistake for 30 seconds, let someone time you.

Practice by repeating and increasing your speed until you can do it without error in 15 seconds.

3. Assume that you are the face; they are your faces. Try doing it as if you are the face looking out the page and it's going to be a bit harder.

This is to add the difficulty to make your brain work out more difficult task, in order to have a smart and sharp version of it in the end.

Do it now until you can call it (up, down, right, left) without error for 15 seconds. Be patient, for this might take some time.

4. Now for the colours: call out the colours for each correctly in 30 seconds. Repeat and improve till you can make it in 15. Never jump to the next level without accomplishing the task: 15 seconds without error.

5. Now, begin from exercise 1, pointing your finger in the opposite direction each time.

Here's the concept: [up (point down). Right (point left). Down (point up). Left (point right)]

This manipulation is aimed to develop a brain process, dealing with divided attention, and doing things perfectly.

6. Lastly, time to increase the difficulty:

Switch by pointing the direction the eyes are looking, and calling out the opposite direction; only when you come to a red face. Subtitute different colours until you go through all of the colour.

Repeat the entire process once everyday.

How does it go? Have any question? Thoughts? The comment box is ready...