Uncensored Secrets of Mind Control: How to Pay Attention When You Are Confused


Do you want to destroy the confusion and direct your mind to concentrate?

Here distraction-proof strategies--overcoming confusion.

Ask questions, it will help you concentrate on the answers, help others and learn more.

Being focused...

Keep your eyes on the object, do not stare.

Keep your mimd, body and eyes on the creative side of an object.

Positive body langauge and postures enhances performance, allowing you to concentrate fully. So nod your head positively during lectures or while watching a vedio tutorials.

Focus on memorizing what is beem said rather than just listening.

Click here to learn more about active listening techniques.

Spend more time learning about increasing your mind power in order to develop the ability to control your mental attention.

Boredom increases confusion. So find a reason to be interested. For example, the speakers accent, writing style or importance.

If you're in a class or lecture hall, do not just pay attention to the teacher, pay attention to the student who are listening. If you're reading in the library, pay attention to people that are paying attention. It gets you started.

Smile and appreciate what you understand. Reflect on your past understanding and use the same technique of active concentration.

Say a positive affirmation that corresponds to what you're learning. Say "you got it" or "that's okay".

Try Fanacism

Participate in everything about your studies. Starting from group discussions, meetings, tutorials, peer studies, etc to clarify your confusion while improving your learning technique.

Agree with people's opinion and be eager to teach. Associate with tutors and other learners to explore the best of aggreability.

Concentrate on the better side of the subject. Think about how it makes you unique and different from other people in the world. Think about how safe you are to study such subject.

Always be a finisher. Be upto date about your assignments and projects so that you mind will remain relaxed, concentrating on the present need.

Try Highlighting...

Before you start reading, scan the whole piece to see what you should expect in the end. Concentrate on the bold and italic, sub-topics. This techniques also help if you don't have enough time to read everything.

Never spending hours studying without a break. Whenever you start feeling some drowsiness, go outside and catch some breeze for 2 minutes. Or just stretch for same time.

Use your break time for prayer and meditation. This is very important if you're extremely confused and want to put yourself together. It leads to desciplined visualization and visioning, which are both essential.

Underline important or confusing sentences in order to go over them after you've finish the topic.

Employing technical analysis

Focus your enthusiasm on the technically sophisticated matters. Relax and allow your creative mind to work that.

Take notes, learn abreviations; pay attention on both the forward and backward meaning of a statement.

Know the primary objective of your assignments and concentrate mainly on it. Improve your skills, so you can use different approaches.

Never hate your teacher, subject or your colleagues. Never hesitate asking "dumb questions" they are the must important.

Lastly, never force yourself to finish up now. Give yourself a chance to gain composure and some emotional stability, and it doesn't matter how long you need to wait.

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