Forbidden Love: How to Have a Secret Relationship With Someone

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Do you want to have an underground relationship?

The relationship episod this time focuses mainly on how you can maintain a secret legitimate relationship.

1. Get a code name for that person that you are going to use as long as the relationship thrives.

For example, if I want to date Rita, I may use the code: TRT or 202 or 303. No genius can ever catch me on this!

2. When you are called by your secret lover, make a privacy.

When Rita called the time am around the people am hiding the relationship from, I'd fake-answer by pressing the "silent" button, pretend "hello", "hello", "network" network's bad around here", then go into a room in private and "answer" the call immediately (thanks to Nigerian Network).

3. If you're chatting with them and someone unexpectedly catch you, just say that you're using a friend's screen (am not teaching you how to lie o).

4. Playing hide and seek with your parents or friends about your desired love life can be a bit hectic. Try to amend anything that's making you to hide it and bring it to the open, let the sun shine on it.

5. Make sure that your underground lover is also on the same track of secrecy. For you might be playing with yourself while your relationship is out to the open world.

Has anything similar ever happened to you....trying to hard something that's already known? Share in the comments.

6. Do not let your behaviour betray your aim. Guilt is on the mind and it's only known by people when it's seen physically. People don't read mind, it's through thy action thou shall be judged. So try as much as possible to live a perfect fake life.

7. Secret relationship is more successful when its built on the grounds of trustworthiness, honesty and self-control. The person must be understanding, "matured" and caring, to coperate properly.

8. Don't ignore your friends. Anybody that cares about will suspect something is going if you start to live differently.

9. Use different email ID and facebook account, if necessary.

10. Never tell a soul about your relationship, regardless of thr trust between you. For the lips can get out of control any time, you just can't help it.

11. Make sure you delete this link from your browsers history, especially if you're using a shared computer. If you someone finds out you're reading this "secret relationship" post, they might suspect you. And I don't want you to fall before trying to stand.

Lastly. Dear reader, do not use the secret relationship tips to cheat on your spouse. If you try that, I know you and I will spill the beans. But wait....I desire your comment....