Explicit Hunt: How to Get Someone to Tell You a Secret

Want to crack that hard nut of explicit secrets?

Get set for some emotional moment 'cause the secret is steamy and all sensual.

Here are the strategies to fish them.

Knowing Exactly What You Want:

Try to pay attention to their behaviour to be sure if secret exist. Every fake behaviour is obvious especially if you know the person very well.

If a person feels odd around you, it might be for another reason. Try to lookout for those reasons before you jump into conclusions.

Never ever pressure someone to admit whether something is wrong or not. Even when you're sure something is wrong, people get upset easily when pressured about a suspicion.

Creating a Trust Base:

Make yourself truthful, at least for that person. Tell them some of your secrets open-mindedly to boost their confident around you, which mild lead the secret to leak.

Be caring and interesting. People like sharing things about themselves only to people interested in their lives. Make an effort to do so consistently.

Patient is what you need to make a long-lasting wait. Desperation pushes you to failure. If you really want to know a secret, develop your patience and watch closely.

Don't only be a good listener, be an engaging listener. After listening, show that you understand by asking simple questions and empathizing when you need to. People find it more easily to tell sensitive details to those who understands them.

Exercise equality in your behavioue. Treat everyone the way you treat them. Respect and listen to everyone just the way you do to them. For when behaviour is understood as "natural" skeptism is eliminated and trust becomes stronger.

Strive to make yourself a safe zone to people you want to extract a secret from. Avoid being judgemental. Never gossip or backbite. Never share any critical information about someone to them. For when you become a secret keeper, they shall hand over theirs to you, even eagerly.

Seize a suitable moment to ask them whether they have something they want to tell you. Be the person you always be; calm, safe, good listener and non-judgemental.

Post-Handling Secrets:

Maintain that trust by keeping the secret. Secrets are not known once. When you keep the small ones, you can keep the big ones. And that's how everyone is going to feel about you. Trust!

But remember, it's hard to rebuild once broken: trust.

Ask if you can be of help in any way. Or come up with a candid suggestion, an accurate solution. Do not ignore them. Just let them understand how lucky they are to let you know the particular secret. This way, you can fish out more, if there is.

Make sure that secrets are sometimes kept for good reasons. Realize that secrets, when told, can hurt. Acknowledge this before you go digging out crushed bones.

And if that person admit the hurting secret, respect them by exercising self-control and even love. Even if the information is against your relationship, never make people the who are brave to leak the secret lose confidence in you.

How do you fish out secrets? Share in the comments