4 Dirty Ways to Become a Highly Valued Member of Your Team

Here are some good cheat-proof self-examination techniques to to tweak your habits, in becoming a well valued individual among your team mates.

Trick 1: the plan

Mark out plan and work it out. Reliability is what everyone seeks in teaming. If you're not too sure about the success of a plan, make another back-up plan.

Face everything without fear of imperfection. Perfectionism is the worst character of a team member. Overcome it and you shall stand out as the most valued.

Get rid of bad character traits such as aggressiveness and high assertiveness. Calm doing and let your logical skill do the aggressiveness.

Trick 2: Information Load

Share information with your team members. Information that will help enhance your team work. That's why it's good to become a smart know-it-all. Never let them recognize this

Always keep your project manager informed about your progress, regardless of the assumed trust he has on your team.

Trick 3: The team growth tweak.

Respect other people's skills, styles and opinions. Just the way we look different, everyone has to do things defferently in order to enjoy life. Never challenge nor criticize differences in your teamwork. The outcome is what matters.

Be willing to embrace new ideologies or approach. Allow some flexibility when carrying out a project. You don't have to follow an exact strategy.

Trick 4: The upbeat team-worker.

You can do anything faultlessly but a positive attitude is what credits your personality. Do not allow pride when it's a "well-done". Never take it personal when some feedbacks turn out blunt.

Before wealth is created, value most be created. Forget about the "raise" issue and develop your worth among your team-mates, and the money will chase you.

Not every project require team-workers in 10ths and 20ths. When ideas clash, failure is inevitable. So try to be minimal in either contribution or planning.

Never act like a leader when you're not. Focus on equality, acknowledging the fact that everyone is supposed to be treated with respect and value. When someone is not doing well, show your concern and suggestion. If it doesn't work, be in touch with your supervisor.