12 Little Known Ways to Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ

Friendship with people having a high IQ comes with large-packaged benefit. People influnce people. Regrdless of your present IQ, getting closer to them means alot in improving your lifestyle, potential, attitude and relationships.

1. Discover the chemistry that leads to your present friendships.

2. Think about what you share in common. Never allow self-esteem to rule over your choices. You must have something to be shared with them.

3. Determine what you can bring to the relationship as a person. Something that the other person has but limited. Something of value.

4. Look closer to the behaviour you like most in that person. People like being with people that are interested in what they love. Go with enthusiasm and get involved. If you can't figure nothing, you can't enjoy the friendship.

5. Look for what cheers your high IQ friend and share. Starting from the common disbelief to less intellectual stuffs.

6. Appreciate your high IQ friend's uniqueness. Let them know you're glad they know all those sophisticated ideologies and principles. It stires the best out of every.

7. How about your special qualities? Tap into them and male your friendship relevant. Become the best you can and never ignore or hide the little man you think you are.

8. Share your knowledge timely. Nobody knows everything, and your high IQ friend is not an exception. You are the next person, so never hesitate to share a perspective.

9. Never feel incapable. Regardless of his/her intelligence, she/he needs someone. Friendship is a need, a medication for loneliness. No intelligent would ignore you, as long as you have a personality, a value, and it's recognized.

10. Never involve or get used to intellectual competence, it's not social.

11. Let your friendship be on the ground of trustworthiness, generousity and kindness. Never get obsessed with the IQ thing. Good friendship is the definition of being human.

12. Teasing or pishing a someone into doing something he/she is not interested in, might not make sense to your friendship. Just be real, less overwhelmed and stable.

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