A Very Crazy Way to Get Your Friend to Leave His Girlfriend

Ever thought about saving your best friend from an annoying girlfriend? Lets make a plan...

Now, start by talking to him about the whole situation. Make him see the faulty side and ask what he thinks. If he's going with the flow, suggest a plan like the one below and implement it.

Aks her about the main issue when the 3 of you are around. Mostly, jealousy is the case with girls. So ask her why she gets easily jealous over or indicate how clingy. She's going to react negatively, and if her boyfriend is following, he'd get annoyed.

When she's angry and want to leave, she'd likely ask her boyfriend to follow her. Argue that you need to do something important. Something very important than her or the relationship itself. According to plan or no plan, your friend is likely to ignore her, even using the "I'm sorry, I've to stay" trick.

When she fails, she feels it, thinks and decide to GO.

If the hint shows that you're plans might fail, start to let some tears. Show that you're more emotional than her about the issue and you mean not a joke.

List the crapy side of her and present it to him. Show him his struggles, amd how important it is to leave her with her problems.

girlfriend and boyfriend holding hands

Reflect! Tell him about his life before she came in. Your lives before she came in. The beauty. pressure-free.

Make sure you're doing this for good. For the good of your friend, not for revenge or selfishness.

Use the right words. Forget about street words. Be respectful, formal and sensible. Words are power. Use them rightly, and you're going to push the right buttons.