Thrilling Ways to Recognize a Manipulative or Controlling Relationship

Observe how things have changed since the biginning of the relationship. Use objective analogy to valuate and rationalize all behaviours and cognitions toward your partner, and your partner's toward you.

Are you in an abusive relationship? Take a look at the list of behaviors to rationalize whether you're in an abusive relationship.

Does your partner antagonize with your families and friends? If so, there's some manipulation.

Get out of the infatuation stage and try to explore the less flattering side of your partner. You like everything about them, but you really are blinded by the "temporary insanity" known as infatuation.

Do you always have to depend your relationship when people talk bad about it? You are aware of a problem and you have a bad relationship.

Have you ever notice a sign of dishonesty lately, like having their friends telling you different thing from what he/she have told you?

Does your partner always strive to kill your support system, like cutting you out of your family and friends by being so dominant? Do you find yourself ignoring good friends after you began this relationship? It's a big red flag.

Does your partner exhibit excessive jealousy? How about possessiveness? Manipulative people are always insecured and fear being hurted. Nagging is the number one symptoms of insecurity. So be sensitive to those signs.

Observe the can't-win manipulation. A

situation whereby you can't be 5 mins late without having to depend yourself but your partner can be 3 hours late without feeling guilty or the need to explain. If something similar is happening, your relationship is no good at all.

Watch for repeat offences; always sorry but still does the wrong and have different excuses for all.

Stop pushing yourself to impress this person in any way. Keep this in mind dialy and watch everything you do. You can't always be a giver and he/she the reciever. A reasonable relationship is a 2 way street.

Listen to what people say about your partner, then observe. Do not take swift action especially whan you're just "told". Do not be mean.

But there's one thing: never underestimate the power of dominancy. It's like slavery. The more you stay without dealing with it, the more it becomes more powerful over yourlife. Make a safety plan. Ask for help from outside when you feel you need it.