What Happens to Your Body When You Lose Your Virginity (women)

It hurts...

when the tiny filmed flesh that protects you from germs eventually got broken...

First off, due to the tearing and stretching, there would be an immediate bleeding which is not much to be worried about.

Next immediate reaction: you'll cry. This has become a thing of nature for girls, to cry during their first. But the reasons are as follows:

* Strong flood of hormones due to new sensation

* Where's my innocence?

* Overwhelming post-s** remorse

Most "women" cry more for a few days, being aware of the new pace of life; from an innocent girl, now a woman. This feeling is mostly mixed with happiness...emotions...like you're not a little girl anymore.

For the first few days you'll feel really loose and open. But this feeling usually becomes normal within 4 to 6 days as your body adjusts to it.

The muscles you've not been using in this way before become strained by the stretching, which might leave you a little bit itchy. It will itch and tingle as it heals.

You're going to feel wet all the time, not like the normal moist you were used to. The normal dampness and moistness increases when the thin skin is gone. It always decrease within a few days but you'll never be like you were before it happens.

You also may experience some changes in your period. It's normal to observe a delayed period the first month after having s** for the first time.

It might increase your cramps in the next few months

During your flow you will experience more warmness or a "hot" feeling due to the new level of hormone flooding in your body.

My Thoughts...

Losing your v**ginity is something you should be prepared for. It's not about breaking the thin stuff, then blood flows and THAT'S ALL.

SORRY I DON'T WANT TO SOUND LIKE YOUR MOM...BUT Never ever push yourself or allow someone to push you into being a WOMAN if you're not ready to live it happily.

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