18 Things To Do When You Can't Fall Asleep at Night

Want to have a nice sleep today and every night after?

I've compiled 18 sure-fire tactics to improve your sleep lifestyle.

So here we go...

1. Take a relaxing bath.

It might be warm or cold but make sure to use a soothing bathing soap.

2. Fresh bedsheets.

It's very effective especially for a clean one. Fresh bed linen after bath gives you a new sensation of a relaxed sleep.

3. Meditation.

Any type of meditation. Reading a spiritual book is a good idea even though many people refer meditation as the art of visualization and visioning. Just relax and reflect positively.

4. Acknowledge the restlessness.

Don't be hard on yourself when you can't fall aslep. Just acknowledge that it's the effect of restlessness and all you need is to relax.

5. Get out of the bed.

Walk around the house picking something for a maximum of 20 minutes. Or more preferrably, take a book and your blanket to somewhere else around the house. Before you know it, you'll become relaxed and ready for bed.

6. Be regular.

This is for the benefit of everyday life. Establish a definite regular bed time. Our body responds easily to consistent regularity. Thus you would be able to sleep whenever you suppose to.

7. Lavender oil magic.

Rub lavender oil around your neck and ankles. It has a soothing and relaxing smell that gets you relaxed. So it would be nice to sprinkle some on your pillow.

8. Avoid eating to bed.

Try to eat early whenever you plan to go to bed early. Late dinner keeps you awake late and if you force yourself to go to bed immediately after meal you might experience some indigestion, which might account to complete sleep deprivation.

9. Do not drink too much.

And I don't care what you drink. Even if it's plain water!

Taking much liquid keeps you awake and mostly unsettled.

10. Guide your conversation.

Stressful conversation kills every urgr for relaxation. Try to have a low-key conversation in the night time. It's hard to be less emotional at that time but it's a huge downside in conquering sleep deprivation.

11. Temperature.

This should be among the first 5 because it is as important as sleep itself. Get fresh air in that room. Regulate the air conditioner. Never too cold and never too hot.

12. Go offline.

Switch off phones, radios, tv and anything that blinks light or make sound that might be able to distract your relaxation stance. In sleep, lights make more effect in distraction than sound.

13. Cut out on Caffeine.

Do not take any caffeinated drink for 3 to 4 hours before bed time. Caffeine keeps you unsettled and awake. Save the coffee for the morning!

14. Don't expect it.

Never ever expect that you're not going to be able to sleep. The thinking keeps you fully conscious and never lets your relaxing mind flow with the rhythm of deep slumber. Do not make yourself an insomnia patent by force.

16. Switch all lights off.

Better be used to sleeping in the dark. It increases intelligence and allows you to sleep fully relaxed, body and brain.

17. Visualize yourself asleep.

Have you ever done that? It's a smarty way to make sleep inevitable. But you have to visualize yourself slumbering before drifting to real sleep. While doing that, make sure to deep-breath in order ro have a progressive muscle relaxation.

18. Use the bed or the bedroom, if possible, only for sleeping.

Check my sleep philosophy for the psychological theory of this practice!

Lastly, do not go to bed unless you're sleepy.

Thoughts? Questions? Please share in the comments.