What do you do when you've done all you can and it seems like it's never enough

Stay with yourself. Do not hurt yourself

You've done alot. Stay at peace with your self.

If you can, have fun.

Worry doesn't change anything.

Since you've done all you can and know exactly that worrying can not do beyond what you've done, just relax.

Don't do anything, anymore. Just relax. Let your mind freshen-up.

Allow your brain to accumulate more wisdom.

More knowledge about life. More knowledge about the situation. And most of all, knowledge about yourself.

Expose yourself to a more sophisticated way of thinking.

Develop your skills.

Focus on that problem as your main target.

Learn patiently.

Become a graduate in the school of self-knowledge,

then come back to the problem and take a drastic measure.


Do not forget the master tactic.

The reliable of all.

Everybody's last option.


Pray hard.

Read the word more harder.

Spiritual wisdom conquers all.

At least if you can give it your time, prayer can change your whole world. No problem on earth that prayer can't solve. Claim the authority.

YOU've done alot. Now it's time to relax and wait for a miracle to take place. A miracle by faith.


Inspired by the song "STAND" by Donnie McClurkin. I just saw the lyrics and I believe to download the mp3 soon.

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