How being pro-active helped with my anxiety

The most important thing in life is positivity.

Dwelling in problems increases worry and not even anxiety, but chronic depression.

You lose interest in everything.

Even your favourite TV shows.

Even your favourite dish.

Even your favourite sport, your hobby, that golf club.

Even your favourite dresses.

Anxiety can make you a dead man working ou of you.

And the ironic part is, negativities will creep in.

Sometimes you may feel frustrated, and even suicidal. But, that's's just anxiety.

Just as the title says....being pro-active.

It's the best way to treat your anxiety goodbye.

Skip everything.

Focus on the problem.

Trade everything.

Just to buy the solution and live happily after.

If you need to leave where you are, leave.

If you need to change friends, do it fast without a second thought.

If the family is your problem. Move away but get in touch.

An ignored problem never get solved.

An ignored problem grows in the mind, body and soul.

Affects the mind, body and soul.

And take away every clue of inner peace.

And that's when chronic anxiety creeps in.

Solve it.

Just solve it. Free yourself.

An ignored problem has never done something good to anybody! Go pro-active!

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