27 Ways to Make Your Life More Exciting

Get the courage to step out of your comfort zone by making your life more exciting. You don't need someone's attention to feel excited, you can always do it yourself.

Dare yourself to do something different. We usually do boring things for no reason...here are some ideas to help you start up a kick-ass life...

1. Get out of the house.

Step away from the computer and tv to do something else in your leisure. Visit friends, meseum, sports center and art galleries. You might choose to leave your mobile phone at home to avoid being distracted.

2. Get make over.

Get a new outfit. Get your hair done by a pro, new style if possible. Make yourself feel new about yourself. It's a great way to feel excited.

3. Cut a rug.

Wear that new outfits to visit friends or social events. If you want to stay indoors, play your favourite song and dance with the new dress.

4. Find exciting people.

Add more exciting extroverts among your friend list. Exciting people tend to pull you out of your comfort zone easily regardless how hard it seems to happen when alone.

5. Plan an adventure trip.

Even if you cannot afford a trip right now, look around you. There are many ways one can experience adventure without spending much.

6. Learn something new.

Study little psychology, learn a new language, learn basketball, increase the list of your hobbies and let the excitement flow like a stream, from your head, through your heart and down to your legs and back to your head.

7. Make a room.

Pursuing a career business consistently is always a good idea but never let the vanishing pursuit to take over the attention you have to give your mind and soul. Practically, push aside those boring tasks for sometime and allow yourself room to think and reflect.

8. Enjoy life.

Don't wait till you reach a destiny. Its always a journey. If your job doesn't bring in the needed income, quit it and become a little bit creative. You are also free to quit any relationship that hurts you. You never get free until you declare yourself free!

9. Be the host.

Invite friends or families for dinner or game. Passionately share, to leverage the joy there is.

10. Shake up your morning routine.

Wake up differently. Do not use alarm or set the time differently, adding 10 to 15 minutes. Start your routine from the last--just be less definite. Waking up at the same time and doing tasks serielly the same every morning makes life a "boring task" instead of the supposed fun.

11. Rearrange your furnitures.

Move your bed to different angle, move the cupboard to the other, then decorate the other angle. Just do something similar.

12. Change your colour.

Not your ofcourse! Re-paint that old room in to another colour. I know it's not old but a 6 month paint is familiar to the eye. Establish a new presence by changing the colours around you. You know that excitement the first night you slept inside this room?

13. Go cheer.

Attend an active competitive sporting and become a fan. Cheer and share the excitements. Such sports include tennis, football, basketball, etc.

14. Spice up your sex life.

Find a new location. Be adventurous. Read great books.

15. Go on a weekend excursion.

Use the 2-3 days of a week for some outdoor adventure and fun. Like I said earlier, you don't have to literally drain your bank account for fun.

16. Test drive a sports car.

Even if you think you can't buy one, it does not stop you from driving it. Even if you think you may buy it in years to come, driving it now is more exciting. Every year has a car you would desire. So let the fun happen when the desire is still burning.

17. Arrange a secret rendezvous.

Surprise your partner with a romantic evening at a hotel or an overnight stay.

18. Try an unusual recipe.

Cook something unusual or order something you've never tried before at a restaurant. Find a new taste.

19. Go to a comedy club.

It feels exciting to be around excited people. Comedy club or mystery dinner theater can shake off the "mood".

20. Read an adventurous novel.

Get rid of those emotional romantic books. Fish out the excitement of an adventure book or thriller.

21. Write down your life vision.

Spend some value-time writing about your dreams. Don't think about possibilities or impossibilities. Just describe the picture of your real vision.

22. Try random act of kindness.

Do something unexpectedly to a random stranger. Do good without letting the person know who you are. Do that also to a friend. Appreciate those who care about you expressingly through notes or flowers.

23. Adopt a pet.

Pets like a puppy are great companies. Handling them gives you an opportunity to meet with more exciting pet people. The excitement comes with responsibilities. Analyze all the factors before trying this one.

24. Be curious about people.

Ask people (old friends) about their past life. Ask thick fellows their life histories. They always have something they'd like to say about themselves. So sit their ans listen with all the genuine and fake enthusiasm you know. Truely, you can only discover an intriguing fact about people and yourself by asking and listening.

25. Go to a music concert.

Get tickets to your favourite music show and invite your best friend. Music shows are hosted mostly every weekend. You can meet new inspired artists faster that way.

26. Don't wait.

Don't wait for people to start something before you follow. Get out of that comfort zone and be an adventure leader. Let people follow your instinctive lead. Be the creative creator.

27. Try skinny dipping.

Never do these outdoors. Be locked with your lover indoors and enjoy the unusual moment.

Action creates momentum and momentum builds excitement. Never ignore the little step you have to take to make your life easier.

Never take life seriously. For regardless of your goal, in the end. All our aim is to gain happiness. Amend bad relationships. Quit a boring job. Make that proposal you've been hesitating. Change your scenary.

What do you do when you want to feel excited? Please share in the comments