Networking: The Secrets to Being Charming and Persuasive

The best secret to social, career and relationship success ever known is being charming.

We are living in a world that attraction plays a bigger role in bringing satisfaction to life than anything else. Attractive people are accurate people.

Without attraction, nobody's going to consider your value, regardless how.

Without attraction, no relationship is going to happen...and even when it happens, it takes delightfulness, friendliness and "like" for the individual to benefit of what the relationship as to offer.

Charming is that person having all the attention he needs, satisfaction and higher level of sociability. He gets the job he wants because he has the inner and outer qualities of worth and attraction--charming.

He is not perfect, neither does he have the highest mark or finest credentials, but he exerts that behaviour, who he is--a charming individual.

It doesn't stop just like that. In business and career he easily walks up to the ladder of leadership. Very influencial and respected. He meets leaders, and everybody listens. This is a charming individual.

Just because he mastered the principles of attraction and applies every step with patience, perseverance and consistency.

This is you after you finish reading the best secrets of becoming a charming networker, businessman and influencer ever: carefully stated for your upliftment.

1. Understanding rejection.

If you're living on this earth you must have suffered rejection, even to the extent of nervous-breakdown. This is normal and it happens to everyone.

Not everyone would like to see you living, talkmore of excelling. Rejection is a game of esteem. People can sometimes reject you in their little ways just to bring down your fragile esteem and to make you think that you don't deserve anything anymore.

As long as you are being yourself, people will respect your assertion. If you are rejected here, move to another door. Never regret rejection. All you have to do is to develop a personality that is hard to be rejected by improving yourself.

Think about rejection as a game. This would help you overcome the fear of facing new experiences. The more you experience rejection, the more you learn how to avoid and cope with it. Go on with this mindset in the journey of being charming.

2. Be worth knowing: self-establishment.

People value people of worth. People don't make you worth something until you make yourself worth everything. This does not call for fake actions. It calls for self-establishment.

Before you go around trying to create a business following, make the business first. When you meet prospective costumers or partners, don't say "I want to establish" say " I established" And you can do say that only when it's real.

In career and business, it must be either a physical created value or your profession that is presented as an establishment. The success of business starts from partnership...and nobody would like to partner with a less established fellow. Success is every one's pursuit and all partnership is based on "the need to be with a high potential" business. Increase your worth by working on your value!

Furthermore, is your value presentable? Your dress, your talk, writing and environment, all play a big role in determining the value of your establishment.

3. Develop a skill.

As a business enthusiast, it's good to have a shallow knowledge many things, but being the master of non does not bring success or even attraction. Everytime you failed or feel rejected on your journey of life just know that you need to improve something.

Your method of approach to business is the backbone of it's success. Sometimes you must try many different approaches to figure which is the right or not. That cannot happen if you ignore knowledge. Your success is limited if you continously dwell and depend on your old skills and ideas. Learn new things. Be up to date and everybody's going to like the product of your effort. Which I call charming.

4. Demonstrate social proof.

Relating to #2, people only approve people they know for a considerable time. If you're starting new in a business, find someone having a reasonable social presence. Go alongside to present your own value.

There are many ways of doing this, all according to your profession and goal.

Similarly, partner with someone mindfully aligned to same goal as you are. Work together, pulling out the best out of your values. Before you know it many people are going to run after you and your service.

Note: business is not a family or intimate relationship. You are free to partner with as many like-minded individuals as possible. This is the best way to create a strong social presence.

So on your way up, you are going to meet others at same level; partner with them. For a popular individual among his peers automatically developes the endeavour and "presence" of a charming personality.

5. Find a common ground.

Just like politics, business networking works on the ground of aggreability. People tend to have intuitions about the wrongs and rights of every business approach. It's more like a superstition but it mostly do manifest on a professional instinct.

Do not start a conversation with confrontal subjects or opinion, instead begin with something aggreable. You are free to voice out your professional opinion but only after some considerable aqcuiantance.

People tend to agree on matters they already have conviction and disagree intuitively to "disaggreable" matters, but only when they are confronted casually.

6. Reaffirming social freedom

The most powerful less "evil" persuasion technique is the "But You Are Free" technique.

This calls for reaffirming the freedom of choice while networking with either prospective costumers or business partners.

It's a sentimental move that ease the tension of distrust, which often brings about respect to business personalities. You assure people the power of their No and Yes. So they've got all options. Ironically, this results to more Yes than when it's not applied, in a conversation.

7. But don't give them too many choices.

The more option you give people the less likely they'll make a decision--this is the paradox of choice. More choices, less motivation and more delay.

Decisions are made easire when there are limited option. The rule is: never give more than 3 choices or chances to a prospect.

In terms of days, 2 to 3 is most recommended. Your products, services, projects and prices are well off when presented with such limitations. The lesser the better.

8. Create a positive intra-association

Create a positive association with yourself and everthing around you. Develop a reasonable active listening technique to make your interaction more of a benefit than a formality.

Exhibit the partern you want to see in people. This helps in attracting the right people, as you don't have to waste a precious time filtering out bad relationships.

Ask open-ended questions likely to create a positive and exciting moment. Examples:

- What is a book you read that made a great impact in your business (career, entier life, etc)?

- When was your last vacation?

- How did you overcome .....?

- What has been your greatest accomplishment this year?

And if you have some great open-ended questions do not hesitate to share it in the comments!

When a conversation turns negative try anything to curb it to a positive direction.

Just make sure you exhibit that trait you want to see in individuals, and allow them to respond, patiently. In creating a "positive response", recognition is more important and effective than repetition.

10. Tell stories

Do you prefer presenting "raw" data to stories? If yes, you're missing alot.

In a study conducted in a Carnegie Mellon University study in 2007 by George Lowenstein, Paul Slovic and Deborah Small. It was discovered that stories have an incomparable memorable effect much more than facts or datas.

Instead of stressing the usual boring information at once, mix it up with tales that will appeal to the emotions of your prospects. Be authentic as much as possible but never hesitate to admit your mistakes, especially when it seems safe. It makes people, even strangers, feel safe about you and your networking goal.

10. Be confident.

Being confident makes people to feel confident around you. Confidence wins over accuracy. Lack of confidence is believed to reflect inner insecurity, insincerity, lack of experience and fear. And you don't expect authentic people to stay around those traits.

Fake it until you make it, if you can't find confidence now. Happy face!

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments.