An Open Letter To President Goodluck Jonathan: This is really getting into my nerves

Dear Mr president

With all due respect I'd like to announce to you that you need to handle this security issue with all seriousness.

For how long are we going to stand and watch our friends being killed innocently?

Must we wait until the plague come over us?

The approach you're using does not make FULL sense. The options are 2 and you're not using any professionally.

If we're allowed to talking about truth and transparency, we expect different kinds of modern anti-terrorism approaches. Not just the so called gun fight and security deployment after every intended destruction is done.

The money is been spent, but we can't even feel the differences...

If it's dialogue, the money should be of use in curbing every terror-mind. Let just the blood-shading stop!

Just the way you can't drive 2 vehicles at the same time, the security issue in Nigeria can never be handled successfully using two VERY DIFFERENT AND OPPOSIT APPROACHES. You can't work in opposite direction and expect us, we, the people, to hope for a definite destiny with you as the president.

People are beeng killed like ants in a part of the country you're leading--am talking about yobe state--a place assumed to be in a state of emergency for more than 2 years. Or can't you feel the time, running with a blood stain all over the months....?

Mr president, nobody is safe, it shall affect you, it has affected you, and it shall come closer to thee and meet thee. Unless you act for good, no good shall come near thee or thy leadership.

This is a fact, not an opinion. Ignore it, and you've ignored your success. Remember, you vowed, and nothing is getting better.

I can hear the cry of the Nigerian mothers who have lost their children just this morning. And their crime: they are students. And why: because they are not secured.