Why She Cries: How to Comfort a Crying Woman

Out of the million pages techniques of handling a woman, we are going to explore the art and science of dealing with a distressed lady.

Although it's hard to keep a crying woman down, you can always start from where she came from. Understanding the reason for her distress can help you figure out the best sushing technique at a moment.

Putting yourself in her shoe.

1. A woman can cry because of anything. She might be sad or happy, in desperation or despair. But knowing the cause of the emotions is the only way to empathize.

You might ask her why she is crying in a sincere manner but the tricky part is, such "why" question might even provoke more tears.

If that's the case, you are free to guess using the knowledge you have about her and her personality. Secondly, you can watch closely her expressions as she cries. For example, smiling through her tears signifies her feeling of nostalgea and joy.

Never be judgemental in your analysis. If you couldn't figure out something, just wait and observe.

2. Don't create a reason where there's none.

Sometimes women themselves don't use to know the reason for their emotions. Never get frustrated by this either, or at least don't show it. Allow her to know that you're a reliable source of comfort.

3. Align yourself with her emotions.

Instead of focusing on the fact that she's crying, direct your focus to why she's crying. Developing this mindset for women, helps to share empathy easily with women. Practically, you're pushing yourself closer to the cause, which would account to faster understanding of the proper action you can take to bring the end of the emotional flood.

4. Think about how you'd like to be comforted when you're upset.

Women are not some creatures from east, that you're not allowed to present yourself as you are in order to satisfy them. Treat her the way you expected to be treated when in same situation.

Say the right words.

1. "I'm here" Telling her you're here for her gives her hope that she can at least depend on you. Use body language to emphasize the statement and her subconscious mind would appreciate it.

2. Appologize.

Always appologize if you said something that upsets a crying woman. Trying to justify yourself will only worsen the situation by making her feel bad about you being around.

3. Ask her if she wants to tallk.

Even if she does want to talk, stop when she starts feeling uncomfortable.

4. Ask her if there's anything you can do to help

This will get rid of doubt and make her admit what she really needs.

5. Know when to just sit and listen.

If she desires to talk, be an active listener. Never interrupt. Answer her questions and only talk positive about her, this time.

Comforting a woman through action

1. Give her something to dry her tears.

2. Hug her. Or just put your arm around her. If you're in a relationship, rub er shoulders. Observe her body language and act towards it.

3. Allow her to rest on your shoulder, it feels great.

4. Never ever make sexual advances.

Never use the moment to overpower her resistance. Do not abuse. And it doesn't mattwr whether you're in a relationship or not.

5. Show her something cute or if you know her very well, do that thing that usually makes her excited.

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